On April 20th of this year, the United Nations held a webcast interactive dialogue on the subject of "Harmony with Nature". This was in response to Bolivia's groundbreaking passage of their new law" Recognizing Mother Earth as a living entity and giving her the Same Rights as Humans". They agreed to work on adopting this philosophy worldwide and the day also ended in a surprising emergency call to action where the Indigenous, kids, renewable energy, and teamwork play key roles in the effort to stop our current path toward extinction.

The UN participants urged a shift from an economic system that regards nature as an exploitable commodity to one that respects the Earth and it's intrinsic values. They also agreed that solving the world's current problems will takes spiritual solutions. In order to do this they discussed the need for the Indigenous Peoples to share their wealth of ancient knowledge. This knowledge is based on the beliefs that human beings are an interconnected part of Nature and that man must only take what is needed. This is necessary in order to preserve a balance with nature and ensure a sustainable world for future generations

They also discussed that a view of environmental, social and economic well-being is indeed the only way to truly sustainable development". A combination of Earth rights and Keynesian economics was suggested as a feasible solution to end the down hill spiral that the world is currently in. A green job mobilization was mentioned as a way to repair the world's national and Global Security. The current model of domination at any cost to humanity and nature is not sustainable for the future. This model is not scientifically based because the economic indicators are not connected to Earth's "natural capital" and is doomed in the long run.

Fortunately the United Nations is not alone in it's thinking. Other important world leaders are also coming to the realization that a major shift in world view and actions is needed. In May, Pope Benedict's Pontifical Academy of Sciences came to the same conclusion. It was because of new evidence found by his 80 international scientists of diverse faiths, that global warming is increasing much faster than expected. The German Pontiff (known as the "Green Pope") made a bold "call to action for all people in all nations: "If we as inhabitants want to ensure our rights to daily bread, fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink, and want justice and peace, we need to protect the habitat that sustains us."
The Pope is responsible for switching to solar energy at the Vatican and he has urged everyone to help reduce the cause of climate change.

The way to do this is to switch from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and water. The Germans and Swiss have made the commitment to follow Sweden in shutting down nuclear reactors and to shift to renewable sources of energy. Thousands of protesters in India and Japan have led the shift from nuclear to renewables in Asia. Thanks also to the Germans for reducing oil needs and smog by inventing the "Most Economic Car in the World." Volkswagen's Aero car gets 258 miles per gallon at speeds of 74 mph and goes on sale next year.

The world is now realizing that we really are a global community and that in order to stop our world from total destruction by mankind we are all going to have to join together and make a global shift in thinking. Thanks to all those mentioned above as the leaders in this shift of thinking, we just might have a chance in reversing the damage we have already done before it is too late.

Photo: Courtesy © Katrina Brown

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  1. I simply do not understand why so very many people cannot see we are destroying our planet and all her resources.

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