Dedicated to anybody whom is trying to save wolves.

Part 1

Long ago, there was a rather confused and, quite frankly, stupid wolf. He couldn't even remember the difference between a rabbit and a moose. That is how dumb they all used to be.

All of his "friends" would always say things like "Look! I'm Wolf!" and they would flop over and drool all over the place just like Wolf did when he was happy.

Wolf put up with this for three whole years! In those three years, he got so mad he once chomped a leg off of Raccoon and ran off into the woods. Wolf confronted his best friend Snake in the woods.

He soon said, "Snake. My so-called "friends" have been teasing me again. You know, because of me being stupid and all."

"Well," said Snake, "I can't tell you what to do. Go see Owl'sssss place. He can tell you what to do."

So Wolf took Snakes advice and went to Owl's place.

When he got there, he said, "Owl, are you home?"

"Whooooos' there?"

"Its me, Wolf."

"Oh. Come in."

"I've come to ask you about that sacred place where you can wish for whatever you want. Where is it anyhow?"

"Well Ummmm", "Oh yes. Here, let me write it down."

"Lets see" and he wrote it down:

Go North 13 miles

East 5 miles

North by northeast 1 mile

West 1 mile

"There. Just follow these directions and you will get to the Oak of Knowledge and Magic. Just walk up to it and say "Kala Sultan".

"O.K." said Wolf. And he was soon on his way.

Part 2


Last time, our friend Wolf was on his way to the Oak Of Knowledge after receiving directions from his good friends Snake and Owl.

On his way, his "friends", deer, squirrel, chipmunk, and fish asked him, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to a secret place where I can become wise."

"Hahahahaha!!! There is no place like that! You really are a stupid idiot!"

So he just went on his way. He followed the directions owl had given him and eventually, got there.

It was the most beautiful place Wolf had ever seen. It was untouched by a single human soul.

Wolf just stared for a while. He soon went up to the grand old Oak and shouted, "KALA SULTAN!"

No sooner had he spoke, a Genie appeared.

He said in a low voice, "What is your wish wanderer?"

Wolf hesitated for a moment and spoke boldly, "I wish to be wise and have the necessary survival skills of a wolf."

"Yes. Your wish is granted."

There was a huge display of fireworks and smoke. Next thing he knew, he was back home. From then on all wolves have been smart and that is how wolves became so wise.

Original Tale From: A Boy Code named Kapu.
by Scott

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    This story feels like it was written by the wolf at the beginning of the story.

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