A special God given gift to mankind is that of musical ability. Humans have been blessed with the beautiful voices of talented singers thoughout the centuries. Whether it be a soloist or a wonderful chorus of voices, it can be spellbinding to listen to such glorious testimony of true talent. Birds of every color have also been blessed with the ability to sing beautiful songs.

But are humans and birds the only ones with this ability? Or has Mother Nature hidden away some other earthly inhabitants that also sing the songs of love and beauty? What you are about to listen to are the amazing sounds of crickets that when slowed down to the pace of a human life frequency, sounds like a beautiful choir of angels. It will fill you with awe and wonder at the sound of another form of music that we would never have dreamed of existing before. And it draws us ever closer to understanding how all life on earth is connected to each other in many wondrous ways.

Photo by Terapox

Responses to "Nature's unbeknownst choir sings a beautiful song of love - VIDEO"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful...There is a song sung by a Native American opera singer and the cricket chorus is in the background as she sings..i have the CD but at the moment I can't locate it..Thank you for posting this ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    it was very nice and peaceful ..thank you much trinity

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