As we learn more about the animals that we share our lives with on this planet, we become increasingly more aware of how similar we are. Animals not only share feelings of love towards each other but they have also sensed when another is in danger or needs help. Because they are able to form emotional bonds just as we do, their sixth sense is highly developed, many times more so than ours.

The touching video below shows a recent situation where a 2 yr. old horse realizes that his 26 yr. old pasture mate is in serious trouble. He tries repeatedly to help and to get his ailing friend to be able to stand up again. When an attempt does not work, he tries another approach. He does not give up on his friend. When the horses owner arrives and calls the vet, he has to remove the young horse who will not stop trying to help his friend. The younger horse was visibly upset at not being able to stay by the side of his fallen friend and became very agitated and began bucking.

It is stated in the video by the reporter that this is a rare occurrence among animals. Yet time after time because of the internet and videos, we have seen otherwise. It is becoming apparent that maybe this is not such a rare phenomena. We have seen domesticated animals helping each other and humans and we have also seen wild animals helping other animals. In the case of dolphins and whales we have also witnessed them assisting humans in need. If animals share the ability with us to feel empathy and concern in trying to save a life, is it not about time that we begin to treat and respect them as our fellow brethren on earth?

Responses to "A compassionate attempt by a young horse to save his fallen pasture mate."

  1. Kimberli Offet says:

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This was absolutely beautiful. If people would just take the time to "learn" about animals, they would be able to live in harmony among them and them with us. I have seen animals with their babies, playing with others in their group. Even the most ferocious of animals has compassion and love for their own. I believe we must "understand" animals behaviors so that we know what to expect. There are certain times (mating especially) when males are a little testy, we must understand and respect that and keep our distance. Just looking at this video reinforces what I have felt for so long.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow how beautiful and thank you for sharing this. I am so sorry for your loss <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    A touching moment in action that most humans wouldn't notice. I imagine this young horse is missing his friend and I hope his owner has made sure that he has companionship, as even animals go through a grieving process...

  5. I could feel the poor animal's stress and concern for his friend. What an incredible thing to witness! So sorry the poor old gent didn't make it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A similar thing happened with my horse and his pasture mate when his pasture mate ate a poisonous plant. My horse would not let any other horse by his pasture mate and would only allow a human near. When the vet arrived and they were able to trailer the horse to the clinic, my horse was beside himself that he jumped out of the paddock and ran right into his pasture mate's stall looking for him. So touching. His friend made it and came home and my horse finally settled back to being his bud again.

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