Imagine a society where teamwork, loyalty and communication are the norm rather than the exception.

Sound like utopia? Actually, it’s already present in nature – in a wolf pack. In this thought-provoking clip, you’ll learn a few lessons of leadership from these beautiful and inspiring creatures of the wild.

 It’s about teamwork, patience, loyalty, play, communication and more.

You’ll also receive the gift of “The Wolf Credo” written by Del Goetz. After watching this heartful and motivating video, you’ll never look at wolves the same again…

Respect the Elders

Teach the Young

Cooperate with the Pack

Play when you can

Hunt when you must

Rest in between

Share your Affection

Voice your Feelings

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Responses to "Wolf Credo: What Wisdom Can A Pack of Wolves Teach You?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tlenaai Waya

  2. Anonymous says:

    with my life following the path of the wolf as my Spirit Totem and with the Wolf in my heart I can learn from my brother....

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes they can teach humans many things.. I love and cherish our brother wolves <3

  4. Unknown says:

    Most defiantly man can learn at lot from wolves. If only they would swallow their pride and admit it.

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