Giraffes are very unique and interesting creatures on our planet. They are the tallest mammal on earth and the males can measure up to 18 feet tall. They are not water dependent similar to the camel and they can live in a variety of plant habitats, from the dry woodlands to the fairly dense low shrub like areas. They are gentle and docile animals but if attacked they will defend themselves with their front feet. They are interesting in that they never lie flat on the ground and they rarely sleep. Their only natural predator in the wild is the lion. Unfortunately their deadliest predator is man.

Currently in South Africa, these majestic creatures are still being used as hunting trophies in Safaris or in canned hunts where animals are stalked and killed on enclosed hunting grounds. It is big business there bringing in millions of dollars a year to the country. But it is blood money only. Promoters of these canned hunts like to say it is an even match between the giraffes and the hunters because of the giraffe's keen eyesight and fast running ability. In reality it is anything but that. As you will see in the video below, the giraffe actually approaches the hunters out of curiosity unaware of it's pending fate from the barrel of a high powered rifle.

The cost of killing a giraffe in South Africa is fairly inexpensive at only $3800 compared to that of say a lion whose price is much higher at $22,000 or an elephant for $34,000. What a deal - a deal in the horrific business of blood lust of one of the most amazing animals on earth. The hunting of giraffes for sport and a trophy head to mount on a wall is just another example of the horrifying lengths of cruelty humanity will go to. When these beautiful and exotic animals are viewed as nothing more than objects and property to be used for profit and exploitation, we take another huge step towards destroying the the world we live in.

This madness must be stopped not only to save the world and it's majestic creatures but also to save the souls of mankind from committing these horrible acts of depravity. For what we bestow on God's creation will in turn only become a part of our legacy as humans.



Ban Hunting Safaris in Namibia - The Petition Site

Responses to "The cost of killing a Giraffe for blood lust is only $3800 but a fortune for the price of our humanity"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can't bear to watch... Surely we are the most depraved of all species on the planet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do we stop this!!!!!!!!!! IM seriously pissed off now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how do we stop this?????

  4. I Have Just Added a Petition to Ban Hunting Safaris ! You can now sign and share - White Wolf

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