Laurence Saunois is a well known and applauded French wildlife painter, sculptor, photographer and author who has led a very fascinating life. She is also a conservationist and wildlife supporter starting with her own backyard garden. She has also globally supported such causes as the restoration of the endangered gorillas.

Laurence began drawing as a child and her favorite subject was always horses. When she became a teenager she became fascinated with the paintings of Ingres and GĂ©ricault and would spend hours at the Louvre in Paris admiring and studying the paintings of previous centuries.

She then began painting in 1994 as a completely self-educated artist starting with oils and moving into acrylics. Her paintings create an atmosphere using color, pigment, shadows and light. She describes her paintings as having a story behind them and also a photographic record that enables her to paint the right glance, attitude and posture. She believes that the animals she paints are similar to humans and that she must determine how to interpret their mood and character in order to paint a truly accurate portrayal of her subjects.

In 2006, Laurence became a member of the Society of Animal Artists of New York - USA and member of the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society in England. In 2007 her own garden became a refuge for more than 60 species of birds and was recognized by the French League for the Protection of Birds.
Then in 2010 she won the prestigious International Wildlife Artist Category at the "BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year" contest with her gorilla drawing" I have a Dream".

Her art is currently being displayed in the Drouot in the cultural district of Paris. Enjoy her unique, self taught talent as you view her paintings shown below.

Official Site of Laurence Saunois


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