The Lynx is an exquisitely beautiful member of the cat family know by its short, strong body and long legs, bobbed tail and tufts of fur that sprout out a the top of each ear.

Their coats are thick and luxurious in the winter to protect them against the icy winds that prevail in the high mountainous regions of Canada and Alaska. Having large, padded paws the lynx is sure-footed on ice and snow while chasing its primary prey, the snowshoe hare.

Like most cats, the Lynx will spend much of its life alone. The lynx has powerful eyesight and great abilities of stealth and cunning are formidable.

It is said the ancient Greeks believed the lynx could see through mountains and American Indians tell many stories about the hypnotic eyes of the lynx with their captivating powers seduction. These and other unique characteristics have encouraged ideas that the lynx has supernatural qualities.

The lynx is a patient hunter and its messages often entail serenity, tolerance, understanding. The lynx helps us to endure waiting for long periods to achieve a necessary goal.

The lynx is very territorial and will go to great lengths to protect its hunting grounds. If lynx is in your dreams and visions, you may be in need of spiritual or mental protection. The lynx keen nose can warn against negative invasions.

As a solitary animal who hunts and lives alone much of its life, the lynx often comes to those who are loners by desire or design. Lessons of independence and self-reliance are part of its offering, but sometimes the message may be one to console a lonely heart or spirit.

Because of its coloring, size and stealth, the lynx is able to blend and sometimes appear to disappear in its environment. This medicine is valuable in moving unseen between planes and remaining in the background, unobserved and not up front in relationships and events.

Once the lynx has successfully tracked its prey, he will sit and quietly observe the whole environment before moving for the kill. Watching for intruders, other prey and passersby, the lynx will absorb all the various activities and weigh all the options before taking action. These characteristics are valuable lessons life in general terms for humans. Silent observation is a great power that allows one see things unnoticed by others. As we follow the power of good silence, we are able to hear the higher purpose intended by the Creator.

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