Two words can be used to describe Al Agnew. Artist and conservationist, although he would be more likely to describe himself as avid fisherman and self-described "river rat". Growing up in the Missouri Ozarks, he fell in love with both fishing and the beautiful rivers. Many of his paintings depict fly-fishing in the pristine streams that he often frequents. They have done much to help raise awareness of their beauty and value among both anglers and the general public. Al has become an expert on the ecology and fisheries of the Ozark rivers and others and is a much sought after speaker.

Through his art and his conservationist efforts he has also been able to raise millions of dollars to benefit wildlife. For example he was commissioned to create the art for the first fundraising poster to bring back the wolves to Yellowstone. This poster alone raised over a million dollars in the first year. That poster and a second one are still raising money to this day. Al Agnew visits Yellowstone many times a year to watch and enjoy the wolves that he played a part in bringing back. Many of his paintings are that of the wolves in their natural habitat.

The effect of Al Agnew's artwork is to suspend oneself self in time upon viewing it. His subjects cover a broad spectrum of wildlife. He has painted the wildlife of Africa, the wolves, bears and others of Alaska and Yellowstone and of course the fish in his beloved rivers and streams in the Ozarks and across the U.S. His artwork is a culmination of his knowledge, love, and respect for nature which when combined with his extraordinary skill of interpretation has made him such a powerful advocate for the conservation of the natural resources. He has also won many awards and honors for his work. Enjoy the fruits of his love and labor from this very talented man in the paintings shown below.

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    beautiful arts!

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    Fantastic paintings!! Well done!! :-)

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    Very beautiful paintings

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    Yes, indeed, so talented!

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    levens echt..erg mooi!!

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    magnifique toile d'animaux bravo

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    I can not imagine what it must be like to have such a wonderful talent but I certainly enjoy what you have created. the paintings are beautiful

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    talented and the painting are so life like.

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    Your paintings are beautiful and moving! I hope that they will help create change in the hearts of so many who hate wolves, when they see them as you have depicted them. Not as evil savage murders, but as loyal, loving family members that enhance our forests and enrich our lives.

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    Absolutely beautiful. You seem to capture their spirits in your art.

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    I just saw yure pics of the wolves all of them look so surreal ! they are terrific I myself love the wolves ! and hate wotz happening too them !!

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    Absolutely endearing. You have captured these wolves magnificently.

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    Beautiful pictures

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