Coyote is subject of many American Indian stories, songs and ceremonies and if often referred to as the Trickster. Coyotes can adapt to almost any environment, but prefer the prairies and low foothills. They live in undergrounds dens or sometimes caves. Coyote is a survivor. Hunted to near extinction, coyote populations are slowly rebounding in areas where they are least threatened.

Coyotes usually mate for life. This favorable characteristic of Coyote reminds us to be loyal in all our relationships and especially those of a spiritual nature. Roaming from relationship to relationship, without direction or stability should be avoided.

Coyote is a cunning adversary. He sniffs the air and surrounding plants and stones looking for the scent of prey. Once a scent is located he stalks with great stealth and circles the area in which prey is located to understand possible escape routes and determine the best area suitable for an attack to take place. The spirit of coyote shows us ways to fully understand the circumstances surrounding situations in every day life and to develop reasonable plans to achieve our goals.

Coyotes slyly hunt small game and move very slowly into position before pouncing on their prey. Applying this lesson in life, we can learn patience and ways to move forward at the best possible times.

Coyotes are excellent teachers, providers and protectors of their families. They will go to extreme lengths to insure the safety and well-being of their offspring. Visions and dreams in which coyote spirit makes itself known may bear a message of duty and responsibility to ones family, community or employment.

Coyotes work well with its brothers and sisters to develop a strong community. Like the coyote we can work with others to get what we want in life. Followers of coyote medicine put other peoples needs before their own.

Coyote is always on the look out for traps set by both humans and other animals. They move cautiously through their environment ready in a flash to move out of dangers way. Thank the coyote spirit for showing you ways to avoid life's pitfalls.

Responses to "COYOTE MEDICINE : What Coyote Can Teach Us ?"

  1. Unknown says:

    i was told the coyote being then trickster was selfserving and not to be trusted. is this diferant from tribe to tribe?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hear they use to take off before a Cheyenne war party kinda like early warning for the warriors. Any Cheyenne out their correct me if I'm wrong I heard this story a long time ago.

  3. Unknown says:

    There is a Coyote Society in Yoeme' way. I was told they are the police the protectors of the tribe. They are different than the classic trickster coyote.

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