The Whale is a thought provoking documentary that opened in the U.S. in late Sept. and will be opening in Canada in Oct. It deals with the true life story of a young Orca whale who is somehow separated from his pod and gets stranded in the Nootka Sound which is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Because Orcas are very social and long lived mammals like humans, the whale who was named Luna, begins to try to make friends with humans. He begins to snuggle up to passing boats, inviting humans to touch him and even pet his tongue.

What starts out as delightful encounters with another intelligent creature soon turns into a tug of war between whale lovers, government do-gooders, First Nation tribal interests, local fisherman, loggers and boating enthusiasts. Each one of these groups has their own idea as to what should happen to Luna. All the drama that follows leads to a sobering and startling ending that clarifies a basic issue but leaves open the questions of uncertainty reguarding human and animal interrelations.

The documentary touches on how speculation about human contact with other species has been focused far more on possible communication with other world aliens than with our Earthly species on land or in the sea. In addition, the stunning scenery, well-composed photography and Luna's sheer charisma make The Whale a very worthwhile movie to see.

THE WHALE official movie trailer - narrated by Ryan Reynolds

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