There are 2,267 species of snakes living in the world today. Snakes have essentially the same organs as humans, but they do not have eyelids or ears. Usually, females are larger than males and most can travel three to five miles per hour. Some snakes are born fully formed, while others hatch from eggs and snakes in captivity have lived over thirty years. Snakes are fascinating creatures that deserve respect. Throughout history the snake has had many legends associated with it linking them to creation, fertility and transformation.

The snake has many symbolic meanings among various cultures across the world. In the Middle East, snake is seen as Mother Earth and immortality. To Christians, the snake is portrayed as evil, lust and temptation. In Asia, the snake is the life force awakened. To American Indians the snake is a friend who shares its secrets of the water element. Altogether, the tremendous symbolism placed on the snake makes it a powerful and worthy spirit guide.

Snakes regularly sheds its outer skin as it grows and a new layer of skin develops. Crawling out of its skin is an important aspect of snake medicine because it symbolizes ways we must move away from old and useless habits and thought patterns as we grow spiritually. It symbolizes death and rebirth.

A snake does not have ears or eardrums but instead has small bones in its head that conduct low frequency vibrations that travel through the earth. Among all creatures of earth, the snake is best equipped to hear the heart-beat, or magnetic resonance of Mother Earth and is therefore able to continually communicate with and be in perfect harmony or balance with Mother Earth.

As a symbol of renewal and transmutation, land snakes do not require food to generate body heat and they lay motionless and soundless against the earth absorbing the heat of the sun and the earth. To those lives to whom the snake slithers into, be aware of its subtle and silent messages. Before this may be possible, it is necessary to become balanced in your path and ground yourself to Mother Earth and all of its elements.

Just before the snake begins to shed its skin, its eyes turn pale blue or opaque giving it a trance-like appearance as if the snake is looking right through you. Snake spirit guides teach ways to look into the hearts of others and find ways to help them along their spiritual paths.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Great Power!

  2. Anonymous says:

    very interesting

  3. Fran says:

    For over 15 years I have felt that I was placed in this living environment with so many NW diamond back rattle for some reason but up until 3 years ago I couldn't get past my own fear and hysteria of them (any snake) even thou it meant be allowing myself to become my own prison of my environment! My Naturopath suggested what you are saying now and suggested books on the subject! I grasp a marginal minute partial of this theory but fear keep me from seeking out what exactly this meaning might mean to me my soul! Now after reading this information I would like to connect with a Guider! This is now so apparent to me that although my world seems stuck here and now alone suspended in their territory with the spiritual world seemingly not willing for me to move on until I connect very deeply with the spiritual message of my hosts the rattle snakes! I also live in circumferential of several Native American Nations! Some how I would love to connect with someone that could guide me before spring as they come into my yard, flower beds and steps to my entrance and I don't want to continue to kill them! Sincerely within my spirit Fran

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love snakes, are very beautiful animals, people in Honduras are affraid of them and when they see snakes they kill them, I hate that, because the snakes are very important animals as a biological regulator of some other animal species. Greetings from Honduras. Jeff

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    good medicine

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