2011 has been named the International Year of the Forest. The launch of International Year of Forests was to help raise awareness among policymakers and the general public as to the importance of forests and the major threats they face. It has also provided an opportunity to share success stories about what approaches are showing results. At the same time it has highlighted other potential opportunities to reverse the current trend of deforestation and forest degradation.

Forests are the lungs of our world but they also play a major role in many other ways. They are critical for our world to survive and effect the daily lives of up to a billion people on Earth. They are the homes of many people and provide a livelihood to many others. To many others forests provide food and medicinal plants.

Only recently have the forests been appreciated for the value that they provide as far as environmental effects on the Earth. People have begun to realize the significance of the ecosystem service provided by forests of sequestering carbon. This turns out to be a critical component of any solution to climate change. A significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from deforestation and forest degradation. If we are to meet the global targets of keeping global warming at less than two degrees centigrade we must then reduce the rate of deforestation.

2011 was only the beginning - the scientists of the world must continue to work together on these issues as we rapidly approach the new year of 2012 and beyond. The video below emphasizes the importance of all of this.

The film - USA version

The United Nations mandated Yann Arthus-Bertrand to produce the official film for the launch of the International Year of Forests, 2011. Following the success of his film Home , seen by 400 million people, the photographer created a 7-minute short film on forests filled with aerial images from Home and the Earth from Above television series.

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  1. Ramona Coyote says:

    Thank You Yann Arthus, for putting the feelings of my heart and soul, into words and film. Incredible. TY White Wolf. Sharing

  2. Sharine Beeson says:

    This was wonderful, thank you for sharing.
    What was the white tree in the center of the woods?
    It looked like a giant puffball ... LOL.

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