Crows as we know are highly intelligent and they are now known to be among the world's most intelligent creatures. They have learned to use tools, have an incredible memory, have the ability to hide and store food across the seasons and can also recognize individual humans from one another by their facial features.

Crows also appear to have a sense of play or having fun as do many animals on this planet. The distinguishing difference though is that at times crows seem to take on what we recognize as a form of human play. How is this possible? In the video below which was filmed by a family in what appears to be in Russia, a crow is seen to be "snowboarding or sledding" down an adjacent roof. Not just once but several times and by the tracks in the snow, it appears to be even more times. Why would a crow use an object like a sled to have some fun?

Well, if we really think about it, crows are everywhere and we barely give them a glance they are so common. But could it be that they are really watching us and learning from our actions as humans? Crows have been known to use everything that is practicable and comfortable for them and they will mimic certain behaviors also. With their given intelligence and their strong sense of fun, is it possible that this crow might just be trying out what he saw humans do when having a good time in the snow? Maybe someday we will know the answer to that. In the meantime, it is just plain awe inspiring and at the same time hilarious to see a fellow creature obviously enjoying himself in the pursuit of a winter pastime we all are familiar with - sledding.

VIDEO: Russian Crow Rooftop Snowboarding

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  2. "Weeeee" says the crow ! Thank you for this video, it's really nice !

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh what fun -i may try to play catch with them now!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Crows are also known for storing shiny objects in their nests. I find them fascinating! Thank you for sharing, White Wolf Peace ;o} Thumper

  5. I think this crow was watching a human friend snow boarding. It certainly learned how to skillfully do this, even overcoming obstacles.

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    maggilicious says:
    Crows are amazing birds - highly intelligent & they do love to have fun ! Excellent video thanks!

  7. Unknown says:

    lol! this cracked me up! I couldn't imagine how it could slid with it's feet, but it was smart enough to have it's own snowboard, really has to be intelligent to figure out the sliding, then to find something that would be slick enough to slide! great video, and story, white wolf, I love your page, and go to it so many times. you always have such great stories,thank you, thank you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not a goofy foot raven

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful! We have ravens who come everyday and steal guinea eggs, we have too many to use, so they are welcome to them, but you will hear them coming and calling their family as well. I'm going to watch them closer when it snows, to see what they come up with!

  10. Anonymous says:

    We were blessed to have a fledgling crow be part of our family for one glorious summer...he fell out of a big fir tree before he could fly. as he grew we were determined he was not going to be after he could fly he often flew down the hill and met my 14 year old son getting off the school but, then would sit on his shoulder going home. he loved playing a game like basketball where he'd repeatedly toss small fircones before they'd opened down the roof into the gutter, then repeat it over and over...he'd fly around the house outside and hang upside down from the gutters looking into the house until he located me and then let me know it was time for some snacks, and to watch video games from the back of a chair...he loved grand theft auto the best...gradually he rejoined his crow family, mom, pops, and nest mate brother, and when Fall arrived they left together on more crow adventures.

  11. Maybe humans learned to sled in the snow from CROWS! or otters, or bears or certain parrot species.

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