Ireland is called the Puppy Farm of Europe, but lawmakers hope that infamous reputation has come to an end as new legislation restricts commercial puppy mills throughout the country.

On New Year’s Day the Irish government got serious about protecting dogs with two new laws. They implemented the Dogs Breeding Establishments Act and the Welfare of Greyhounds Act.

The Dogs Breeding Establishments Act controls dog breeders and forces them to provide humane care under strict standards and regulations. Some of the regulations include: keeping dogs in clean housing that is not overcrowded, providing bedding, fresh food and water and exercising the dogs.

The law calls for local veterinarians to inspect all of the kennels and gives them the authority to shut down a facility where dogs are not being properly cared for. Vets will also monitor that females have only one litter of puppies in a year.

All puppies must be micro-chipped so they can be traced back to a specific breeder in case of a problem and all breeders must be registered.

Harsh penalties will be imposed for anyone who doesn’t comply with the new laws. Animal activists are pleased with the regulations and think it will stop unethical breeders in the country.

The Welfare of Greyhounds Act mandates higher welfare standards for the humane treatment of working greyhounds, breeding greyhounds and their offspring.

Both of these laws should make a happy difference in the lives of thousands of Ireland’s dogs.

Below is a non-graphic video filmed by Ban the Puppy Mills about the sad life on some puppy farms in Ireland, Wales and England.

Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

VIDEO: Puppy Mills

Responses to "Ireland Bans Puppy Mills (Video)"

  1. So sad that humans think so little of other creatures, to use them and abuse them in every conceivable way. You'd think that these poor dogs would get better care since they are the ones doing all the "work"....but greed and selfishness obliterate any compassion in too many people in this world. I wonder how some of them would feel if they were caged permanently, left to sleep and live in filth. Day in and day out...this is horrible. Horrible...

  2. I got my white German shepherd from the SPCA. I now know of WGSDbreeders who give lifetime protection for Dogs/pups from them. My girl had no such protection.
    There are good breeders out there. The ones I know only breed when they have buyers for all the pups, they are in a home situation not a kennel and they only have one or two breeding dogs.
    This video was so sad.
    My girl, I know not where she is from. At 10 yrs so far she is healthy and I give thanks.
    Please don't put all breeders in the same bag. Some are actually trying to better the breed..
    My girl she might of came from a puppy farm? She was given up at 4 yrs old. :( Most breeders keep careful tracks on their dogs. Please not all breeders are bad.

  3. I am praying the puppy mills will all fail as soon as possible!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Anonymous says:

    I sure wish that they would do that here in the U.S. Those laws are badly needed here.

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