Sick badger cub found with umbilical cord attached and weighing just 100 grams is nursed back to health

When a tiny badger cub was found abandoned and completely helpless it didn't look like she would survive.

With her umbilical cord still attached and weighing just 100 grams, any longer on her own and she would have died.

But now the tiny black and white critter has been nursed back to help and has been aptly named Hope.

It is believed Hope's mum gave birth in a nearby set before taking her offspring into a summerhouse in Crewkerne, Somerset.

Another injured badger was found next to her but it is not believed she was her real mother.

Mum Kaye James raised the alarm when she went to the summerhouse to collect the feed for her chickens. She said: 'The seed was scattered all over the place and there sticking out from behind our sofa was a long grey tail.'

Secret World has recently launched a £4.4 million Call of the Wild Appeal for a new Wildlife Animal Hospital at the sanctuary.

Author Sir Terry Pratchet helped start the appeal after being wowed by the centre's selfless work.


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    So precious this lil' one is!

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