Vivi Crandall was born in Germany. She had natural artistic talent that was honed by her art education that she received while studying at the Bauhaus in Munich, Germany and also the Academy of Art in Bremen. She then moved to the U.S. where she began working at The Post. It was here that she met her husband.

After they were married they moved to Casper, Wyoming where they lived on a ranch. It was here that Vivi really began her career in wildlife art using her personal experience of being around so much wildlife in her everyday life. Vivi spent the last 20 years of her life living in Wyoming painting and developing her own personal style.

Her art could be called very alive because she strove to attain a life-like image. This she did by using a soft focus and the frequent use of motion in her paintings. But her crowning glory was the inner luminescence of the eyes of her subjects. She wanted people to be able to see into the soul of the animals that she painted.

Sadly, Vivi Crandall succumbed to melanoma when she was 56 years old. But her paintings are owned around the world by collectors and her limited edition prints are still carried in over 300 galleries. What she was most proud of though was that her artwork raised over a million dollars for wildlife causes such as Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wildlife Foundation and the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation. Below are featured some of her beautiful creations.

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  1. Her works are so full of Life!!! Vivi you are a talented artist!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    beautyfull art. looks almost like a photo. you have a god given talent. i was in aw when i looked at your pictures. just wonderfull.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Incredible artist

  4. francisjgolden says:

    Impresionante trabajo, Vivi. Felicidades por tu talento. ;) <3

  5. Anonymous says:

    very beautiful work I love it

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