Incredible Lion Photos Taken With High-Tech Remote Control Camera

Catching upclose moments of wild animals can be a tricky task without getting hurt. But in order to learn more about these wonderful creatures in the wild without disturbing them was a challenge that two brothers set out to conquer. Brothers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas devised the "BeetleCam" in 2009 in order to get close-up photos of African wildlife.

The BeetleCam is essentially a remote-controlled car with a camera mounted to the top. It took a few adjustments after some encounters with some baby lions to toughen it up some so that it could not be dismantled by their curious play. In one particular incidence, one of the wheels came off and the curious lion cubs played with it for an hour and a half until the brothers were able to retrieve it.

As the brothers describe their experiences with this high-tech camera, "Over the course of the next few days, we were able to gain new understanding and respect for the lions we were photographing. We were always mindful that we didn’t want to harass them or intrude on their lives. However, we came to appreciate that lions are incredibly curious cats and full of the bravado that comes from being the Masai Mara’s top predator. This resulted in plenty more raucous games with the youngsters and some wonderful encounters with older individuals, who treated BeetleCam with nonchalant disdain, deliberately ignoring it as it maneuvered around them."

The advantage of this camera on wheels is that it is a great way to become a win-win situation for both humans and animals. It allows for humans to get some of the most incredible images of wild animals from ground-level angles, without disturbing the animals at all. It's a fantastic tool for conservation photographers who want to keep space between themselves and their subjects.

The photos below are wonderful examples of the types of photos that the BeetleCam can actually capture.

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    I think this was a good idea until the cubs did not want u to have it back lol .

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