Last week the Animal Rescue League of Boston and the Massachusetts SPCA – Angell (MSPCA) worked together in a large-scale rescue operation involving the surrender of 32 miniature horses from a farm in West Boylston, Mass.

“This is one of the saddest rescues we’ve experienced in quite a while, with such a large number of animals in such desperate condition,” said Melissa Ghareeb, who oversees barn operations at MSPCA-Nevins Farm. “Fortunately, we and Animal Rescue League arrived in time to remove the horses from these deplorable conditions and begin the treatment they’ll need as we ready them for their new lives.”

The minis were underweight, in addition to having internal parasites, neglected hooves and a skin infection more commonly known as rain rot.

The MSPCA-Nevins Farm took 18 of the horses who they hope they will be able to place with rescues who can help find them forever homes. The other 14 went to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s facility in Dedham where they are expected to stay while they recover, along with four others who were previously pulled out of the farm.

“Despite their poor condition, the Dedham staff were surprised by how readily the horses welcomed their care-givers. While carrying out the horses’ progressive feeding program, the horses nuzzled staff members – perhaps the first loving, humane act that these horses had ever experienced,” according to the Animal Rescue League.

Both organizations are seeking donations to help with the care and rehabilitation costs, which are estimated run into the thousands. If you can help, visit the MSPCA and the Animal Rescue League of Boston for more information.

Responses to "More Than 30 Miniature Horses Rescued from Massachusetts Farm"

  1. How can humans do this? Thank you to the teams that rescue these little horses. Many Blessings And Much Love

  2. I was brought up in West Newbury, Mass and this MSPCA NEVINS FARM has been there since I was a child and probably earlier. You actually can see it from the high way. They had a nice meadow than and may have bought more land since. It was consider a great place than and I imagine even more beautiful now. They are a great farm...

  3. Shirley Mcknight says:

    These beautiful animals are blessed to have you!!! I love horses & all animals!!!God bless you!!!!

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