A YouTube video has caught the eye of many as it demonstrates the rescue of a deer from a fence.

 Thank goodness the fence was not very sharp. Once freed, the deer scooted away to safety. Even though the animal is pretty vocal with the two men who are trying to lift him up from his prison, I think he is most grateful!

Youtube user also describes the rescue:
"As we were driving home from Legends, we noticed what appeared to be a dead deer stuck on a fence, obviously got stuck while trying to hop we got closer we realized it was still alive and begging for help...we had to do everything we could to help this deer get free...put that thing on my shoulder and heaved and he ran away, hope hes gonna be ok..."

Unexpected Dangers: Fences and Deer
White-tailed deer are probably the best-known herbivores in the United States. Yet their survival in our human-dominated world is increasingly difficult. Human self-interest and attendant practices have positioned deer as Enemy Number One — though an honest look at the misperception of overabundance would dispel the deeply rooted animosity toward these creatures.

But perhaps the greatest wrong is our indifference toward them. Sometimes, we’re just not thinking of animals when we plan our structures.

Iron or wooden spiked fences on properties lead to injured, maimed or dead deer when they can’t jump over the fencing. Local residents might consider whether they need a fence on their property. If you absolutely do, look for one that is high enough so that deer will not try to jump over it at all. Another solution is to buy a fence that does not have spikes or wires on top, or places where deer can wedge themselves between posts. Other solutions include attaching a rubber garden hose over the top of the spikes or putting a hole in small, rubber balls that can be attached to the top of the spikes.

Fencing companies have options available that are safer for animals. Try asking them for help with this issue. In this process perhaps you can also educate them about safe fences for deer and other animals. (Via Friends of Animals)

VIDEO Man saves impaled deer

Responses to "Deer Impaled on Fence is Saved (Video)"

  1. Catherine Keohane-Johnson says:

    Thank goodness they rescued him, but he did fall rather awkwardly and was obviously very frightened. Fortunately this had a happy ending :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    you guys are wonderful for helping that poor baby...;)

  3. bmfilip2 says:

    Thank you for saving that poor dear. He surely would of died without your help....

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