A bear has been filmed freeing its trapped cub by opening a garage door at a home in the US.

The incident was caught on camera by the homeowner, who uploaded the video to YouTube where it currently has almost 200,000 views.

The video starts with the bear cub precariously making its way across a beam while a dog barks in the background.

As the camera swivels a much larger bear, who is - according to the person who uploaded the video - the cub's mother, apparently opens the garage door and holds it open, with her head briefly visible above a parked car.

With the way out now clear, the cub makes its way down a ladder before seemingly exiting.

'To all those who are worried about the dog scaring the cub, the dog is in the house barking,' the YouTube user wrote.

'No way would I let the dog out! Not only would it have scared the cub, but mama bear probably would have killed him.'

They added that they 'did not encourage mama bear to enter'.

'I couldn't exactly go outside and let her into the garage. I could have been dinner. As you can see she opened garage door herself,' the video uploader said.

Some commenters expressed doubt over the authenticity of the video, however, with users questioning how the cub got into the garage in the first place and the fact that a ladder was conveniently placed at the end of the beam.

VIDEO: Bear rescues trapped cub from garage

Responses to "Bear trapped in garage rescued by other bear (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this......poor little guy but smart taking the latter!

  2. Unknown says:

    At first I thought the humans were opening the garage door to get he/she to move, but I saw the Momma Bear moving the garage door. Love it. Naughty Cub, he/she will learn not to get in the garage again. This shows the smarts that bears have and the curiosity that can get them in trouble. We can help by lending a small hand.

  3. Anonymous says:

    People will always doubt and that's sad. Sometimes things are EXACTLY as they appear. Cubs have a way of finding themselves in trouble and Momma is there to bail them out. To the doubters- relax, take a breath and know that not everyone is trying to deceive you.

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