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True Wolf is a documentary of the story of Koani, a wild wolf who was raised in captivity by two biologists. Koani was found abandoned as a baby and Pat Tucker and Bruce Weide had to make a decision as to what to do with her. The decision they made would affect them for 16 years, many thousands of dollars later and lots of destroyed furniture. But this beautiful wolf ended up changing their lives and affected what they did, and still do, for a living. Koani ended up having a major effect on all of those she came in contact with.

The documentary portrays how two people, one wolf and one easy going dog named Indy became a family and ended up opening eyes no matter how closed they might have been. During their presentations to school children with Koani they were able to give insights and ideas to children (of all ages) that they might not have had beforehand.

The documentary uses a mixture of archival materials provided by Pat and Bruce, interviews with many of those who came in contact with Koani and some reenactment depicting key moments where cameras where not present. Director Rob Whitehair is then able to cover 16 years in the life of this wolf as he diligently puts together the bits and pieces with ease. He then ends up with a saga of friendship, understanding and a love that is intimate and very heartfelt.

Director Rob Whitehair takes us through the lives of Pat, Bruce, Koani and Indy on their walks in the wild, images of them at the local elementary schools giving a powerful presentation to fascinated children and the wonderful images of Koani and her canine companion, Indy at play. Underlining all of this is the narrative of Pat going on about just how much Koani came to mean to her and this comes straight from the heart. Their story then becomes a universal one for any person who has ever loved an animal. It is a movie that is well worth seeing and is now playing in limited showings around the country.

VIDEO official theatrical trailer for True Wolf.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this short video,,,love all 'wolves'

  2. Anonymous says:

    When & where will the movie be released? SO many of your videos have been made by other countries & we never get to see them here in the U.S. I so hope this will not be the case of "True Wolf". Thank you for informing us that such a film has been made. Once again, I am so glad I found your site as the stories you show, never stop to amaze me. chiefruth

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