This story is amazing and unbelievable – this coyote had a guardian angel looking over him!

The coyote was hit by a car at 75mph and became embedded in the fender, where he rode for 600 miles and managed to survive.

Daniel and Tevyn East, a brother and sister duo, were driving at night along Interstate 80 near the Nevada-Utah border. It was here they noticed a pack of coyotes hanging along the roadside. One of the coyotes ran out in front of the vehicle, creating the sound of a fatal impact. Assuming they had killed something, they drove on. Of course, they had no idea it was alive and along for the ride!

“We knew it was bad,” Daniel explained. “We thought the story was over.”

Eight hours, two fuel stops and 600 miles later, the pair found the coyote stuck in their fender – very much alive!

“[Daniel] saw fur and the body inside the grilled,” Tevyn said. “I was trying to keep some distance. Assumption was it was part of the coyote – didn’t register it was the whole animal.”

Daniel East retrieved a broom to pry what he thought were the animals remains.

“It flinched,” Tevyn said. “It was a huge surprise – he freaked out!”

When animal control arrived, the wildlife protection officials put a loop around the coyote’s neck to prevent any further injury. The front of the car had to be taken apart for the coyote to wriggle free. (SOURCE)

They named him “Tricky”, the toughest coyote ever. He managed to survive the ordeal with just a few scrapes to his paw.

Responses to "Coyote Survives 75mph Hit and Takes a 600 Mile Ride in Car Fender (Photos)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    He should be treated and left he was from

  2. who doesn't stop when they hit an animal. bad human.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope s/1 takes him back where he came from, he has family

  4. Anonymous says:

    sincerly hope he is taken back to where he came from and hope a lesson has been learned by the driver of the car

  5. Anonymous says:

    Always stop when you hit something. That was a bad call on the driver's part. Hope he was treated, healed and hopefully brought back to his pack. If they knew where they hit him. Something great and miraculous that he lived thru all of that.

  6. jbone7 says:

    I can understand why they didn't stop immediately, since there were more Coyotes there, but you'd think they would have at least checked for damage at the First gas stop and noticed him then. Guess they were pretty young, not that it excuses them, but it does explain the lack of action they took.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How can anyone with a heart hit an animal and not stop to see if it needs help? That's just inhumane! Never ass-u-me. Then they made two stops along the 600 mile journey and never thought to look at the front of the car. They need a lesson in compassion and commonsense! I pray that coyote is taken back the 600 miles to where it belongs and is released (after his paw is healed and checked for internal injuries) safely where the rest of the pack hopefully is still roaming! Such a *Blessing* "Tricky" survived and now this brother and sister need to check their conscience and volunteer at an animal rehabilitation facility to understand just how horrific it could have ended. *Bless* "Tricky and his pack <3

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    How on earth did "tricky" survive this accident? How did he hit by a car then manage to wiggle up in from of the radiator? Absolutely miraculous, he is meant to live and grow with his pack. I hope animal control had enough sense to realize that he had to be returned. You can't just release him anywhere and expect another pack to just accept him. This is a wonderful story, I'm so happy he didn't get burned or worse by being stuck under the hood of the car.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. 1 in a million odds anything survives that let alone nearly unharmed. Truth is absolutely stranger than fiction it seems. Coyotes get a bad rap but this is a happy ending so far. I remember Walt Disney episode in'61 called Chico- the misunderstood Coyote. How about a remake, Tricky the misplaced miracle coyote. Hope to see the reunion video as Tricky is reunited with his pack and watch 'animals' rejoicing just as humans do.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree about the wolf and the killings, it's so sad. But I wouldn't stop if there were a pack of coyotes and I thought I might have hit one. You would be endangering yourself, they'll tear a dog apart. I love all animals and I respect them all.I will respect the Wolf and will respect the coyote by leaving them in Peace and giving them there space.

  13. Unknown says:

    Example of how kind humans are. Hit at that speed and not bother to stop...ignorant.

  14. Nanna says:

    Most road kills are hit an runs.People don't care enough to stop and check! My husband and i stopped when a dog ran out in front of our Jeep.We took the dog to our vet and he survived.We did find the owner and the dog belonged to a young boy.They also told us the dog was vicious to strangers.He was a sweet gentle dog that day.I guess he knew we were helping him.We later that year got the nicest Christmas card from that little boy telling us we made his Christmas a lot brighter than it could have been.I could never hit some thing and not check on it.

  15. Andrea Cook says:

    I agree! If you hit something~STOP! If you hadn't been there~It never would have happened! It is YOUR resposibility to follow thru & do the RIGHT thing!
    Whether it be a Coyote or a Wolf or any other Animal~Do NOT just drive away!Get our of your car~LOOK at what you did & act accordingly..If you are too scared to get out of your car~You shouldn't be driving! Just remember~You were the agressive one~Whether it was your fault or not! The Animals are ALWAYS the innocent ones! Any human who does not realize this has No Heart!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I don't believe this.
    #1 75 mph that would have obliterated that animal(any animal for that matter)
    #2 look at the picture of the girl by the front bumper there are 3 little bits of the grill missing,

  17. Anonymous says:

    There should be a big part of the bumper missing unless the coyote balled up and umped up to hit that little area right before the car hit him.

    #3 600 miles with a ball of fur in front of your radiator traveling at speeds of 75mph that car would have burnt up 5 times over.
    #4 2 fuel stops in a honda on 600 miles Bull! unless you get like halfway down before you fill up again?

    I think the coyote just climbed up there and got stuck and someone just made up their own story. B/c this is insanely illogical.

    I hit a Dog going 35 one time When i got out to see what had happened to him and my car he was mangled beyond belief I called animal control b/c i just couldn't put him out of his misery. and they told me they had it under control and i left i highly doubt that dog survived that and that was less than half the speed. Im sorry if this upsets anyone but it upsets me that someone believes this.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Common sense should have told them to slow down when they noticed the animals near the road. And then to not even look at your car for damage when you stop for gas? Too bad the humans weren't very bright. But at least the coyote is okay and hopefully is returned to his home soon!

  19. Unknown says:

    Coyotes,Wolves,etc. Were here first, We are the ones invading their Territories. Anyone that Hits and Animal Should Stop Immediately to see if the Animal is ok.. Some people just doesn't Care because they are so busy thinking of doing what they want, actually I would say Shit for brains.. If you see a bunch of animals near the Roadway slow down to make sure NONE RUN OUT in FRONT of your Vehicle.. It doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist to Figure that out...PLEASE SLOW DOWN WHEN APPROACHING WILDLIFE ON THE ROADWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Unknown says:

    To the one who doesn't think this story is true! Haven't you ever heard of miracles happening you idiot, and if you read the whole story you will find that they did stop twice along the 600 miles for gas so the car had time to cool down, and they had plenty of gas!! Also if you hit something going at that speed sometimes it will simply bounce off the road and up into the bottom of your car and that is how this most likely happened! Don't be stupid and insincere simply because you are to idiotic to believe in miracles just because something like this has never happened to you!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Eight hours stuck next to the radiator going at that speed, he must've been terrified beyond comprehension. These people are absolute irresponsible morons for not even looking at the car when they did eventually stop the first time. Poor little thing, 8 hours of terror and pain, I pray he gets loving kindness for the rest of his life somewhere.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I know you people are all so caring about another things life...but its just a coyote.. There are plenty if them and they are kind of bad animals so this ones lucky survival or if it would if been an unfortunate death wouldn't of mattered either way.. Its just over dramatic to judge these people for this... Does anyone care so much when a deer or rabbit or raccoon or opossum gets hit? Not really so its not a big deal either

  23. Anonymous says:

    Oh yea its really smart to easy they should of gotten out.. Hmm pack if probably hungry carnivores let's get and make sure its ok! And why not if it is let's cut my arm off and feed it..yea I would kept driving to but honestly I agree there's no way this is true 75mph there front of that little car would of been torn apart and coyote ripped in half and for you who say the people are stupid no they should be picking up that a big loud thing with bright lights coming at it that they should run away from it..

  24. Anonymous says:

    To say they should of gotten out*

  25. Dave says:

    Used to hunt them on the farm in Kansas when I was growing up. County paid us a bounty for their ears.They were a nuisance and killed lots of Chickens along with other small animals as well, including small dogs! This animal isn't a pet people...

  26. Anonymous says:

    OMG, These comments are stupid. theres no reason to assume he was alive at 75miles perhour. Plus it was a Coyote a pack of them, noone is goina be stupid and stop, and if you think he should. guess what you will die young, becuase you are not smart! If you hit an animal you should call the correct people and not deal with it your self. This how you catch things and die.

    You people need to learn how to be smart, yes its sad sometimes but your life is more important. Its like even human if you see someone drowning and you can't swim, you don't go out there save and him becuase you will die too. I think alot of people who posted on this will die before 50. gezzz

  27. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agree with everyone else. How on this planet do you not stop to check on the creature you hit??? It could have been writhing in pain - but obviously you didn't even care!. I sincerely hope this poor creature has been checked fully by a vet and when it's better, it should be taken back to the area where they saw the rest of the pack. Those are his family!

  28. Anonymous says:

    @ Dave, I help take care of a small pack of coyotes in the rural area I live in. They come for the food I put out for them when I call, & have never bothered any of my 8 dogs or 3 cats. If you treat them with respect, they behave well & should never be hunted or killed as a "nuisance". There are relatively safe chicken houses if people will choose to build them, so this is no excuse to kill a coyote. They help keep the gopher & rat population under control, & are beautiful animals. True, they are not pets, but we can survive together if people would try. My uncle with a ranch in Texas also feeds his coyote friends. We have both been alone with a pack of coyotes & they don't attack. They'll leave you alone unless you are half dead anyway.

  29. Anonymous says:

    i dont know how someone can hit an animal and not stop to check on it..i havent hit one before but if see a dead animal on the steets where we live i pull over put it in a bag and move it out of the road...i ask near by if anyone has a pet with that description and then call animal not going to just leave someones "baby" in the road to be flat

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hate to be nit-picky, but generally that portion of a car is not referred to as the "fender". Looks like he's stuck behind the grille to me.

  31. Why are people/we so quick to criticise? for once I would like to see a positive article with positive responses. I see a positive story, and it draws me in.....only to find.....yes.....more of people judging. Is this really what we are? I wish I was a coyote.

  32. Anonymous says:

    What happened after to the coyote? I hope he's not going to be the driver's new pet

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    Poor coyote-traumatized for life. That is amazing how he survived. The only thing I can think of why the driver did not stop when they knew they hit something is they did not want to be mauled by the coyote pack or what help could they really do if they did hit an animal. Where is the nearest vet?

  35. Unknown says:

    I am always calling ANIMAL CONTROL to report road kill! HIT and RUN is for anything YOU hit and do not stop to check on...anything you leave there (OR even take with you , as in this case) I live in the city and we do see Coyotes sometimes, they have to come down from the hills near by for FOOD! IF humans keep encroaching on NATURE then they have to be more aware and helpful to wild animals that come looking for food! Do not blame Coyotes OR WOLVES for looking among US for food...GIVE back to wild life by being helpful and caring! IF you live near them be careful when you drive, JUST because it is a wild animal does not give anyone the right to HIT AND RUN! YOU have to stop and check to make sure WHOMEVER it was is OK! I would be devastated IF I ever hit any animal or person! IF I knew wild animals were hungry NEAR my place I would take food as far out as I could and FEED them! STOP blaming Wild Animals for being hungry when you have taken away their food sources and shelters!

  36. Unknown says:

    PS...OUR COMMENTS are what WE feel after reading this, so it is pointless to make comments about OUR comments, the article is about DRIVERS who did not stop to check this poor animal out, after they hit it with their car.AND THEN drove with it, scared and injured for 600 miles! Thank GODDESS it was not a human trapped in there or that they hit! I am sorry IF anyone feels WE who have COMMENTS that seem Judgmental, MIGHT be saying too much! BUT if these people who drove had hit a human we would be JURORS at their trial ! SENDING them to prison! WAKE up people! WE have set our selves up in a system where WE do believe in being JUDGE and JURY in many cases that never go to court! YES , it is a story about a Coyote who got hit AND survived 600 miles in pain and fear! BUT it is also about HUMAN BEINGS not stopping to see what they hit! AND we all have the RIGHT to comment how we see fit!

  37. Grushenko says:

    Poor creature, it would be good to know the follow up on this story, was Tricky taken back to where he was from, which this couple should do after driving off and not checking to see what had really happened, they should have been penalised for driving off like that. Please do post the follow up - it is as important as the lead story. thanks,

  38. Anonymous says:

    Please return him to the place where he was hit. He has a pack a family and that is where he belongs. Totally pathetic they didn't stop when they hit him.

  39. Cat says:

    I don't drive at night with my brights on because it does frighten the animals and will cause them to run right out in front of you. I get very upset whenever I see an animal hit (no matter what the animal). I've had squirrels run out in front of me and I always stop and look back to make sure that they made it safe. I don't care if it would have been a mountain still stop, pull over and call 911. You don't have to get out of your vehicle, but you are suppose to make that call to the local authorities when you hit any animal. Reason for that is to prevent someone swerving to miss hitting it and causing a massive accident whether it be a singular or multi-vehicular accident. If a cop sees you hit an animal and not stop and call it will get fined. What would have happened if (with it being dark out) the driver was tired and not seeing clearly, thinking he hit an animal, but hit a human instead? When the cops finally found the driver, he would be doing a hell of a lot more than just paying a fine. Everyone posting on here seems to not be aware of that which tells me that none of you need a license with the exception of Nikki Jo Porras. Everyone needs to respect all in the Universe no matter what and that includes each one's perspectives even if we don't agree. I've read a few that quite honestly pissed me off, but if we want to maintain any kind of life, we must first learn to respect it. Period.

  40. Anonymous says:

    The survival aptitude of this coyote beats that of Wiley E. Coyote. And, for once, it was the roadrunner that got bested!

  41. Unknown says:

    It's time to find - or implement - an alternative to cars which lead us to so callously kill millions of our sensitive Family members every year. And no gun should go within 5 miles of any wolf.

  42. Anonymous says:

    "It's just a coyote. They're everywhere." Wow. So are dogs, cats and people. Get a sense of compassion and empathy, you unfeeling mushroom.

  43. Morgana says:

    I am so glad he survived, my little angel.

  44. Morgana says:

    I love wildlife, I am fascinated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    You know, the kids could have checked the bumper in bad light at a gas station and not have seen that fur sticking out. It didn't show very much.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I pray for the continued survival of this fighter.

  47. Anonymous comments don't count.

  48. Bless his sweet heart... I am so glad that he made it!

  49. People are SOOOOOO sensitive about animals. I love animals and I think this is an AMAZING story of survival. Everything happens for a reason. :)

  50. Ruth says:

    The instinct to survive is amazing. I just wish all beings could be safe and well. Great post White Wolf <3

  51. I'm glad he survived, but it would be a really great story to see him released back near the point where he was struck so that he is in territory he knows and could find his family.

  52. Nick says:

    To the people that said "You should always check to see if an animal is okay if you hit it"... Do you know what happens if a wild animal is injured by a collision and is hurt enough to not leave the scene? You call for help, they send a local sheriff who will put it down. Yes they should have stopped to check for damage (especially for radiator damage that would have destroyed the engine quickly).

    Don't think that its alright to waste tax payers dollars to rehabilitate critically injured wild animals. If you feel so sympathetic to a creature that walks out in front of a car, then go dedicate your life's time and money to rehabilitation.

  53. Linda D.V.M says:

    Nick a Sheriff has no authority to administer lethal injection, at least here in IL. here in IL by law AC (animal control) must call a vet who must then assess the situation and only with the authority of a second vet who has rendered that the animal cannot be taken to a charity run rehab only then is a 'kill order' issued and lethal injection authorized. otherwise its tax payer dollars thay pay for the transportation to the charity based rehab and back.

    so this is to you MORONS who drive at 75mph (WHICH I KNOW NO ROAD IN THE UNITED STATES HAS A 75 MPH LIMIT)



    I see another single sick comment on this blog entry I guarantee I will go ape shit on you.

  54. I agree with most people. You stop if you hit an animal, Thank god he survived and hope he was returned to his pack.

  55. Unknown says:

    When you hit something with your car stop and check right?

  56. The coyote's pack was 600 miles away. Hopefully he was rehabilitated and returned there.

  57. Anonymous says:

    If a member of a coyote pack is killed or severely injured, his pack will tear him to shreds and eat him.

    I've personally observed this and know people who have observed it among wolves.

    Don't worry about his family. They aren't worrying about him.

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