Amazing Pictures from Aviarios Del Caribe sloth sanctuary

Aviarios Del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica is home to over 100 sloths and managed by sloth "whisperer" Judy Arroyo. It is a 300 acre reserve based in Limon, Costa Rica and run by a group of volunteers dedicated to research, rescue and sloth education. Since 1997, the team at the sanctuary has hand-reared more than one hundred orphaned sloths of both types found in Costa Rica and have worked with zoos and other rehabilitation centers.

The sanctuary has a mission of protecting and rehabilitating the sloths of Costa Rica. The Aviarios del Caribe sanctuary observes the animals, studies them, cares for them, and conducts scientific analysis and research on their habitats throughout the country. With it's education facilities and knowledgeable staff, the sanctuary works to raise awareness about the plight of these very vulnerable creatures.

In 2004, the sanctuary completed a Learning Center to help educate the public about how power lines and loss of habitat are endangering the sloth population. The following year they build a clinic, kitchen, laundry, nursery, and quarantine center. The sanctuary has been growing in size and renown ever since.

In the future, the team hopes to work on international veterinary studies, construct new enclosures for the animals and partner with rain forest and wildlife researchers around the world. They also want to grow their sloth adoption program, through which concerned citizens can help to support individual animals from a distance.

Aviarios del Caribe sanctuary has some of the cutest residents in all of Costa Rica. These three-toed sloths are so cute that there is a constant stream of visitors willing to shell out $25 for a tour of the center's residences.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful animals and not very far from us on the evolutionary chain. Kudos to these kind people who are doing such good work! - Kathy Niell, Uruguay

  2. They are adorable!

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are so cute!

  4. Unknown says:

    I love these creatures. I said to my hubby some weeks ago now that we haven't seen any wildlife programmes about sloths. I've been intrigued by them since I was a young child. More on here please guys.xxxx

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