Johnny Depp Surprises Oklahoma With Native American Parade Appearance!

Look at him! He's just so happy to be there!

Actor Johnny Depp, who is portraying Tonto in The Lone Ranger, coming to theaters in 2013, made an unannounced appearance on Saturday at the Comanche Nation Fair in Lawton, Oklahoma.

In May, Depp was adopted into the Comanche Nation by LaDonna Harris, president and founder of Americans for Indian Opportunity, who sat next to Depp in the back of a convertible that cruised the parade route.

Gil Birmingham, Comanche, who also appears in The Lone Ranger, was on hand as well. According to a report at TMZ, Depp served as grand marshal of the parade.

As an honorary member, Johnny waved and smiled at the Oklahoma residents who lined the streets to watch the parade.

Several attendees took photos and video; below are some pictures posted to and videos from YouTube. (Source)

VIDEOS Johnny Depp in the Comanche Nation Festival Parade 

Responses to "Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Appearance at Comanche Nation Parade (Photos - Videos)"

  1. onejoy says:

    Nice he came. Says something about his character. I think he may have a good soul.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is the squaw vanessa ?
    I love this guy...
    Eric (from Frannce)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Indian women, Indian lady, the word squaw is not used in the Indian language

  4. Anonymous says:

    "squaw" is a super offensive term. Please check your privilege and your ignorance before posting something like that. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eric, they're separated. And she's québecoise, trou d'cul!
    Apart from haven been over-exposed by Tim Burton, I feel that Johnny seems genuine and has a good soul. Atleast, he chose marvelous roles, like in The Brave or Benny and Joon.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He is a good soul. Makes good choices in his roles. Thanks for clearing the "squaw" word.

    from Mass. USA

  7. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Depp IS part Native- what's this "honorary tribal membership" business? It's good that he honors his people.

  8. Unknown says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    vanessa paradis is French and not Québéquoise

  10. Unknown says:

    Everyone is Native...Native is about how you treat the earth and your brothers and sisters, not the blood that runs in our veins. We are ONE People!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    In response to "Anon" from 4 Oct, Mr. Depp has said for years he is Cherokee (on his mom Betty Sue's side) however, he does not have the required documentation (CDIB card) that all of us with NDN blood must possess to identify ourselves as Amer Indian. The Comanche tribe chose to make him "honorary" which is a great honor. Does not mean he is Comanche by blood, but that that particular tribe accepts him as one of their own. It was good on his part to come here to Oklahoma - shows great character and spirit. @ Nicki Wilde - yes, every person born in the USA is native to this country, but in the "First American" world - it IS all about the blood that runs in our veins. We are the only people in this country that have to show a card to prove who (what race/culture) we are descended from. Hope this clears up some miscommunication. And yes, NEVER, EVER use the term "squaw". Please people, that is an offensive word.

  12. Some of us know we are of native ancestry but do not have "enough" blood to get a card. That doesn't mean we are not native in our hearts, and just as proud of it as we are of the other ethnicities we carry. I think the real story is that he did come to participate in native culture. That's the difference between someone who wants recognition (now that it's somewhat fashionable) and someone who genuinely cares or wants to learn.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Those of us who are only half Native but don't have the card to prove it, still feel Native in our hearts and soul ! I was raised on a rez in N.M. for 7yrs and even went back for my " Woman's ceremoney" , but due to the treatment of my Mother, I have no card, but I'm Native and proud of it !!!!

  14. colleen says:

    I too am of native ancestry, but because my grandmother married an englishman, she was "civilized" and christened and became devout and all her ancestry and heritage was obliterated. I have grey eyes and light brown hair, but I have the blood in my veins, that "tug" and kinship with the earth. I have no card nor do I require one to live my life. I dont care about the full blood natives that snicker at me and call me a wannabe, nor do I care about the caucasions who think I am not quite white enough. I know who I am and live the way Creator intended. Truth be known, there are very few absolutely pure native blood people left on the earth.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have only a sixteenth Native Blood, so I cannot get recognition as Native American, it doesn't matter tho, I know what flows thru my veins & I know what I feel in my heart....the beat of the drum called to me as a child & I honor that & all my Ancestors. Johnny is a beautiful soul & I applaud him for all he has done!

  16. Mary says:

    Johnny has Native blood in him besides the adoption. I love that man. He wanted so much to honor Native People and culture in Tonto. I love that he has stood up for the honor and respect Native People deserve. I love him so much though, and wish he were mine!

  17. Mary says:

    Yes Colleen, sad but true. Its beautiful that you know who you are. I applaud you. Love to you and the 4 colors of all.

  18. Anonymous says:

    That's great! What a wonderful time in his life!
    I wish I could be adopted .. I have a crow sympathetic to me ( a real one , bird ).. maybe one day I can fly too .:))

  19. Unknown says:

    My story is the same as Colleen's. I have been denied the information to trace the history. I have the blood of three tribes, but cannot get and do not need the card to live what is in my heart. I admire Mr. Depp and his spirit.

  20. Redwood says:

    A lot of people claiming their Native ancestry... same ol' story... can't get documentation... Truth is, if Johnny Depp is truly part Cherokee, all he has to do is prove a connection to someone on Dawes Rolls... blood quantum isn't the issue... Other tribes may or may not have blood quantum requirement, but it is up to individual to prove their connection, and to find out which tribe they may be connected to, and to find out enrollment requirements. It really is tiresome to hear all the "I feel the tug" and "I don't need no stinkin' membership card." I try to be nice to all, but honestly... if you do not live and breathe and spend the majority of your life within a Native community... just be quiet about all your little "feelings," and just be the white person that you are... That's okay, too... We don't blame you for it. As long as you've got a good heart, and show respect, it's all good. All the beads, buckskin, feathers, and turquoise jewelry in the world are not going to make you more Indian. Just be yourself, be humble, and don't go on and on about totem animal, or how you feel so connected to the earth, that you MUST have a Native ancestor... Just let it go, please!

  21. I have read the comments here. My heart is for living as Creator created us to live and so, I so appreciate the Native American way of living, the culture, the people, the activities, such as pow wow and all. I married a wonderful man, 5 years ago, who feels the same and who was taken under a Colville Nation Elder's mentoring/teaching for over 20 years. So, my husband's heart is more Native then white and more like he was raised or adopted into the Native family ways.
    What saddens me is, if we truly have the same blood, same hearts, under our skin and features, why can't someone, who does not look the same; was not born into one's culture; later during adulthood be drawn and want to be part of a different culture then their birth? If we are all to be working to be respected and be true brothers and sisters, why can't we just embrace those who show appreciation and desire for another's culture and ways? Why can't there be teachings and open arms to receive and welcome those who want to learn and be part of another person's culture as long as respect is a large part of it all and in a small way perhaps that is showing respect to those they are attracted to? At pow wow, there is "Open Dancing" time, which is also titled: "Open Tribal dancing time". I was told that did not mean only Native American tribes, but open to all from all groups. If this is true, why can't it also be outside of pow wow gathering?
    If we continue to be only able to gather together at gatherings such as pow wow; cultural gatherings; other times, but also hang onto separatism for most of our days on earth, no matter what culture it may be or what race we are, will we ever see true enlightenment and harmony with respect?
    I pray that I live long enough to see the day that all races can be willing to share their unique, specialness and beauty with each other, while still maintaining their ethnic personalities. How else will there ever be the true gathering of the RAINBOW WARRIORS....ones who are drawn from all races and ethnic group throughout the earth to come together to protect Mother Earth?
    We, my husband and I, have been blessed majorly the few times we were able to offer to help wherever needed during a time of gatherings and pow wows. To be even a tiny part of such a wonderful special time, we realize is a privilege and a blessing few are able to experience.
    Blessings be to all no matter how much by blood a person is in any particular ancestry, for we all have ancestry blood who having lived, have made it possible for us to live this day.

  22. I forgot to include in my comments and to end with that I am 68 years old, soon to be 70, if Creator grants me to see that year, so I speak from my experiences and what I have observed and why I hope to see the day when all will truly embrace and welcome each other, those who respect each other while seeking to learn from those not connected to what we were familiar with during our growing up years.

  23. Ria Swift says:

    Sorry guys. What is the big deal. The man is simply a man. He acts. He didn't create plutonium or create radical heart surgery and any number of things that would someone great. I love the guy's acting. But he's a human being not a STAR. If he truly wanted to BE with the people get out of the car and walk. What is with all the body guards. A bit perverse to me. Not impressed at all...and like I said. I love the guy; great actor...but he is only an actor. Nobody, in my mind deserves this much fanfare I don't care what you do. That would be humility in my mind. Another conversation missing here is that we live many lives. Nobody is ripping off anybody else's culture because they feel a certain way about certain things. We've all experienced it all. Are u ripping me off if you like lasagna? Are u Italian enough to make your own noodles? We are a big, huge melting pot of everything under the sun. Respect goes in all directions so does honor and accountability and responsibility. I have a Lakota Sioux Holy Man working through me. He came to me. I didn't go to him. I knew him in other life times when I was a Native America. This time I am half Irish and half Italian. What does it mean? Not much. Just a different perspective at a different time. So and u can learn as we walk our way back to Creator. What we see on the surface is only that; surface. We are all so much more than what we see. We are ONE. And that is what we have in common.

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