Camel escapes circus and runs amok in busy Los Angeles suburb

Pedestrians in Glendale, California were startled to find a camel roaming alongside them on one of the busy streets in the major Los Angeles suburb.

The camel, named Abdullah, is a member of the Ramos Brothers Circus, which had just set up shop in the area. It appears that having just arrived she hadn’t become familiar with her surroundings and took off after being startled by a dropped wrench.

The mischievous creature made it out more than a block, with circus crew furiously chasing after her, before being lured back home. Eyewitness accounts described what sounded like a comical and somewhat ludicrous series of events.

‘Literally, there were 10 people running after this camel,’ Diana Madison told KABC-TV in Los Angeles. ‘It was craziness on the street, I heard kids yelling and screaming.’

Video footage shows the camel running alongside a gas station and a semi-truck, as her handler sprints after her. At one point it looked as if she were heading into oncoming traffic, but was then redirected.

Eventually, Abdullah ended her mad dash after her handler managed to calm her down with a carrot. In the end, no one was hurt and the camel returned safely, ready for that evening's show.

Douglas Ramos, co-owner of the circus, had a good laugh about the whole event.

'People were surprised,' he said. 'It's not every day you see a camel running through the gas station.'

'You know, we do this every day,' he added. 'This time I guess she just wanted to go shopping or something, I don't know. Black Friday deals.'

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