British photographer Ashley Vincent took photos from just a few feet away

Between Superstorm Sandy, an intense election season and the impending nor’easter, we needed a smile today as much as you probably do. Fortunately, this photo of a six-day-old lion cub came our way.

The cub looks like she is trying to give an intimidating roar but instead of feeling threatened we had to "awww" in our office at the sight of her cute toothless grin.

According to Solent News, the cub is named Ying Yai (Elder Princess) and her mighty yawn was captured at a zoo in Thailand by British photographer Ashley Vincent.

"At six days old the cubs were teething. Occasionally they would wince and give out a little cry," Vincent told Solent News.

By lying on the ground, the photographer was able to get this amazing shot of the cub extending her jaws and exposing her teeth just as they were beginning to show.

"I called the photo 'Roaring Practice' for the fun of it, knowing that wasn't what she was actually doing," he said.

He photographed Ying Yai and her two sisters from birth until they were five months old, when they started showing signs of their predatory nature.

"I never felt seriously threatened or in any actual danger ... but by five months of age they have some weight and size to reckon with, not to mention their teeth and claws," Vincent said. "They are more than capable of piercing skin and I keep in mind these lovely cubs are still wild at heart."

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