Here We Go Again: Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss Dons Headdress

 Don’t look now — Huffington Post has published stills from last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that depict model Karlie Kloss wearing the famous lingerie with a sacred feather headdress.

A poll on the site asks whether the look is “offensive” or “just fine” — with “just fine” currently in the lead at 54%. The show will air on CBS on December 4.

This happens less than a week after No Doubt took the unprecedented step of pulling a cowboys-and-Indians-themed music video off of YouTube the day after it was posted.

And that was just a few days after Halloween, when we found ourselves posting about Aubrey O’Day’s Halloween attire.

We said it then — we don’t relish playing “costume cop.” Yet a large proportion of Indian country finds these images worthy of discussion.

Even if that discussion is a debate about whether to have the discusssion.

So this headdress mania continues, this round having been kicked off, it seems, by a Lana del Rey video that went online a month ago. In case you missed that one — skip ahead to the 7:00 mark:


Responses to "The Most Controversial Look At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (Photos -Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    they should stick to angels. this is one of the dumbest marketing ploys I have ever seen. I cannot believe that Victoria's Secret is so insensitive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well angels are sacred to people also; maybe they should just stick to the slutty look

  4. Anonymous says:

    All those "Hot Bods" getting paid to sell undies: if one put them into netball team, they'd not know what direction to play in. Some of the more successful among them are not exactly lovely. It is all part of the money-go-round, & that is about to bust a spring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its very offensive! at least show some class and respect for Native Americans! Yea just stick to ur professional look cmon now think! you guys could hurt your businesses for this or other lawsuits!

  6. Christine says:

    This is offensive, but I do not blame those models who wear is a reflection of their deep seated ignorance. I do blame Victoria's Secret and will no longer purchase their products, will make certain that my family and friends know about this and also boycott them, and will make certain that all my facebook friends see this. In order to kill a snake you need to cut off its head. Impacting Victoria's Secrets bottom line is what the company will understand. If anyone has the know-how, an online petition would be good as well. We really need to have people stop this already. Indigenous peoples are still being disrespected, used for profit, and belittled and it just is not right!

  7. Christine says:

    Please visit and sign if you are offended. Show Victoria's Secret that we are tired of this!

  8. Unknown says:
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  9. Unknown says:

    Well the "offensive" opinion has taken the lead now (11/9). I suspect more people are seeing it. I notice a lot of young people who don't have a strong sense of the experience of others anyway, are of the opinion that something like this does not matter. Cultural sensitivity has to keep being brought into public discussion for that reason.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Get a grip, people! Im mixed with a good dose of Cherokee (documented). Theres nothing offensive about this. Its just a costume! If people are this sensitive and fragile, no wonder the country is in the shape its in!

  11. Anonymous says:

  12. Anonymous says:

    well it another play on da natived culture again

  13. Anonymous says:

    People need to get a grip. There is nothing to be offended about. So what if she wore a headdress. Native Americans wear cowboy clothes. Should the cowboys arise and protest? Wearing a headdress doesn't add to, or detract from the Native Americans.This is just another ploy to get national attention by some native Americans. Are we not still a land of free expression?

  14. Anonymous says:

    We are a people free expression but we must realize when we over step that boundary...a head dress is a sacred piece used in the most sacred of ceremonies..if she had a head band with feathers in it it would be different as to a ploy I ask you to go and walk through a reservation look into those people's eyes and tell them that they are just trying to get something they don't need out of a government to killed their family members don't see a hollicost uniform up there do you

  15. Anonymous says:

    I find the video quite offensive to people's intelligence. The headdress is simply just one more aspect of a video that glorifies violence and exploitation.

  16. The reason it is offensive is that they are appropriating a culture for amusement without understanding that each of the symbols represents something sacred. It's as bad as sending a model out to in blackface to represent a minstral show.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Exactly! It's in the shape it is because of people like you! Don't you understand? The Natives find it offensive that many see their wardrobe as a costume or don't respect sacred objects. You being ”part Cherokee” should too feel offended for the fact that you're being disrespected.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is just ignorant. People are too lazy to educate themselves on why this is offensive, so they just label Natives as "sensitive". This is Native history month. Take a moment and learn something.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Offensive to say the least. Most non-native americans don't get it but if Victoria's Secret portrayed romping missionaries of any main stream religion, it wouldn't take long for an uproar. There is just too much disrespect of other people's cultures in this world.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    If I can make a suggestion to anyone with any clout or representing a major organization that is monitoring these comments.

    So many people speak about boycotting or calling a corporation directly. In the past this was very effective for social change, although some what limiting in its reach.

    What I would seriously suggest instead is that if you are in a position that commands respect to instead go on to and start a petition that calls for Victoria's Secret and their parent company to not only offer an apology, but to provide culturally sensitive training throughout their organization. In addition, I would request that they pull this line of clothing.

    Also through the content, I would also call for any unions or organization or companies that are associated with providing models to Victoria's Secret also do the same.

    The petition by the nature of would go around the world, and Victoria's Secret's market is around the world.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Besides...Victoria's Secret hasn't encapsulated the sexiness of Aboriginal women with this envision....which very much seems, non-Aborignal and almost theatrical. Amusing for a Victoria's Secret label and line. Maybe Vitoria's Secret would like my Aboriginal fashionatic depiction? I might surprise them. It can't hurt.

  23. Unknown says:
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  24. Unknown says:

    So lets have a woolen coat and a Yellow star on it... yeah that's Sexy, or how about shackles and whips with an afro wig... so sexy.

    The above is obviously sarcasm intended to highlight the Absence of good sense in a bigoted society that has no problem with celebration the genocide, oppression and current occupation of Native people and lands.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I'm surprised some caucasian didn't shoot, or fire her from her job, or rape her wearing that Indian costume. She better watch out, she will be a target too. Do these num-nuts ever think of anything but their own asses that sit on their shoulders?

  26. Unknown says:

    so ananymous... you're great granddaddy was a cherokee princess? I am full blooded Anishinabek and I find this exceedingly offensive... its ovbvious you''re from the hang-around-the-forts bloodline... my Grandfather was Chief Tecumseh... These Feathers that us real Natives wear are like the medals that war veterans earn... you just don't put a headdress on, you ahev to earn it by flying as high in the sky above everyone in some way... in short you earn it with your blood, sweat and tears... This clothing line is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE AND SONE THING will BE DONE ABOUT IT, i PROMISE YOU THAT. Don George, Kettle & Stoney Point First Nation

  27. Anonymous says:

    blonds lol

  28. Anonymous says:

    my great grandmother was a cherokee princess, but i'm 99.99% cracker :)

  29. Victoria Secret- You already project an unrealistic image to young girls, teens, and women about what a woman's body should look like. Your rail thin models, are only 1% of the population and that 1% you use is STARVING to death! You also disrespect Native American Culture using it to promote and sell your retail without permission, and in an over sexualized manner. Shame on you... and you will be boycotted by many.... and shame on you again, if you think one woman, cannot start a revolution of boycotter's to take a chunk of change out of your pocket and send you a screaming loud message about your practices!!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Dig the song. It is hauntinga and lovel and so is the video,but-not the way she wears the Native American head dress. It looks random, makes no sense and it is rude! It's not meant to be worn to look sexy or for fun!

  31. Anonymous says:

    loveLY... Sorry everyone. I don't know how to delete it and I don't see an edit option.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Equally as offensive to Natives as their "Sexy Little Geisha" outfit was to Asians. Its a real shame

  33. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps if "they" who wish to use costumes would perhaps use their cultures' apparel..For instance, Victoria's secret may indulge in the cowboy look??? Why the fascination with indigenous tribes that few honor and respect to begin with. Wait! Which came first the chicken or the egg??

  34. Unknown says:

    i wish to used costumes can perhaps.

  35. Unknown says:

    they would stick to angels. this is one of the largest marketing ploys I have ever seen. I cannot believe that Victoria's Secret is so insensitive.

  36. Unknown says:

    @Don George, your great-grandfather was Chief Tecumseh? :gush: that's so awesome!!!!!!! I went to school in Indiana and all the stories of Tecumseh are what got me interested in my own native heritage.... What an intense, amazing man!

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