Beautiful images from Africa by photographer Anup Shah give breathtaking perspectives of animal kingdom

From a stunning close-up of a snarling leopard to an elephant family dusting themselves down in the searing heat, this series of beautiful photographs shows African wildlife at its most awe-inspiring.

Photographer Anup Shah produced the images using remote camera, which enabled him to share an unrivalled perspective of the continent's animal kingdom.

In his project, the Serengeti Spy, Mr Shah used hidden cameras, camouflaging them to look like part of the landscape.

He placed them in various locations across the African savannah in the Serengeti and Massai Mara, and operated them from a distance while sitting in a vehicle, a technique that encouraged a fair amount of curiosity from his subjects.

Many of the animals seem to be staring directly into the camera or even interacting with it, such as a spotted hyena (above) and, unsurprisingly, some young baboons (further down).

Mr Shah's wide angle and low level perspectives show the animals in a fascinating light, such as the huge size of an elephant's trunk and a breathtaking picture of flamingos taking off in the Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya .

The power of a herds of wildebeest and zebras running at full pelt is captured in all its glory.

The brutal side of nature is also laid bare in the shots, with an almost apocalyptic shot of a lone flamingo chick tottering on the scorched-looking mud flats of Tanzania and a portrait of vultures gorging on the carcass of a zebra.

The photographs have been published in a 204-page photo book titled Serengeti Spy: Views from a Hidden Camera on the Plains of East Africa. (Source)

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