A group of eight puppies became stranded in a drain in Nashville, but thanks to Good Samaritans, their story had a happy ending, just in time for the holidays.

 It all began when police officers spotted the pooches huddled in a culvert outside the Metro Police North Precinct along 26th Avenue North Thursday.

Volunteers from the animal rescue group East CAN posted a pictured of the pups on its Facebook page, asking people to come and help catch them.

Not before long, strangers started showing up to help capture the pups and take them to safety.

It took volunteers all day to rescue the frightened animals and load them into the back of a waiting SUV, where the pooches huddled together in the corner.

‘No matter how many time we checked back, there was always at least one more puppy, so we just kept looking and kept looking,’ Shaunmichael Vielmetti, who took part in the dramatic rescue, told WSMV.

The last pup to be pulled from the drain was a plump, tawny ball of fur the volunteers nicknamed Baby Jessica in honor of a little girl who became famous after being rescued from a well in 1987.

The story has drawn a lot of attention from well-wishers on East CAN's Facebook page, with people inquiring about the possibility of adopting the rescued puppies and praising the group for their efforts.

The rescue got under way shortly after 8.30am on Thursday when one of the officers from the Metro Police North Precinct contacted East CAN via text message, saying that there was a group of puppies that have been stuck in a nearby drain overnight.

The part of Nashville where the dogs were found is outside East CAN’s area of operation, so the organization put up a post on its Facebook page, asking people to rescue the animals.

Mary Laske, a member of the East CAN steering committee, told the Daily Mail in a phone interview Friday that she rushed over to the scene along with a volunteer, Shala Dvorak, who proceeded to look for the stranded animals.

At first, they couldn’t find the pups, who were hiding in the sprawling drainage system, but eventually the pooches started peeking out.

Laske said that the first puppy to be pulled from the culvert was wailing and trying to escape, as it was likely its first human interaction, but it later calmed down.

Laske estimated that the puppies are between five and six weeks old, and are likely a Labrador and German Shepherd mix that came from the same litter.

While the animals’ mother was nowhere to be found, during the rescue volunteers spotted what is believed to be the puppies’ father in the area.

The last of the puppies, Baby Jessica, was pulled to safety at around 3pm. According to Laske, all the animals were in fair physical condition, although many of them had worms and fleas.

Dvorak took in five of the dogs to nurse them back to health, and she had already secured foster homes for most of them.

All of the puppies will be offered up for adoption once they get a clean bill of health. The dogs already have been vaccinated free of charge and given worm medications by volunteers at the animal rescue group Camp Chaos.

'They are so cute,' Dvorak told the Daily Mail in a phone interview. 'I'm 100 per cent positive we'll have no problem finding them homes.'

Dvorak, who works as a nanny and is a pet owner herself, said she has received 18 calls from people interested in helping the pooches start a new life in the new year. (Source)

Responses to " Those lucky dogs! Eight terrified puppies pulled to safety by Good Samaritans after getting stranded "

  1. Anonymous says:

    AWSOME job! For those who helped rescue those babies, GOD BLESS YOU each and everyone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My dog and her littermates were found in a box along a busy freeway. Good Samaritans saved all of them. Thank goodness for the kindess of strangers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does't sound like they were really stranded..just in need of rescueing due to being born in the wild. They certainly are cute and hope they all find good homes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great job. Hope they all find good homes. I would love to have one out here on the ranch, but I'm too far away.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Poor babies. I hope the mamma is OK.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope those offering homes who didn't get one of these puppies consier going to a rescue shelter and adopting from there.

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