In Russia, the wolf is classified as a "pest". It can therefore be hunted all year round, even during the breeding season. The wolf has portrayed at all times as a ruthless fighter. However two Russian biologists, Laetitia Becker and Vladimir Bologov,are trying to try to change attitudes about the wolf.

Vladimir Bologov is the director of "The Chisty," a rehabilitation center for orphaned wolf pups. Located in the middle of the taiga, the center has several enclosures in a natural reserve of 35 square kilometers. Each year they gather wolf pups from Russian zoos and hunters. The center's main purpose is to ultimately release of these wolf pups when they are old enough.

Laetitia, who is responsible for all the wolf pups must ensure that they do not get acclimated to humans. This is important to be able to eventually return them to the wild. Laetitia spends days and weeks sitting motionless in the wolf enclosure in order to see if the pups are able to provide food for themselves.

Laetitia and Vladimir are also fighting against uncontrolled hunting of wolves in Russia. They have set a goal to eliminate the premiums received by Russian hunters for each wolf skin. They have also worked hard to get moratorium periods against hunting wolves. So far, Vladimir has managed to reintroduce 23 of these periods.

Soon, three other wolves being cared for by Laetitia will be released. For the first time, the wolf center has found the funds to purchase GPS collars to track the wolves and document their life in the wild. It is a lonely and sometimes difficult job that Laetitia has with the wolves. It is not yet known if the wolves can be released but Laetitia has said with certainty: "My future is in Russia, I will always work with wolves."


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    I follow White Wolf Pack with interest in its articles about wildlife and the environment. I'm wondering why a site like this one would allow advertising for dogs and puppies for sale, which would support puppy mills instead of adopting from animal shelters.

  3. I love wolves. Thank you for helping people to understand these wonderful aimals!

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