The Canadian Federal government is having to answer questions yet again involving discrimination against aboriginals.

 This time its concerning a human rights case brought on by the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and that says the government has been discriminating against aboriginal children when it comes to welfare.

The complaint says the Canadian government has for years spent less on child welfare for kids living on reserves than kids who live off reserves.

According to the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society, the funding gap has left on-reserve kids with less programming and less quality services, and often means kids on reserves are taken into care faster and more often than their off-reserve children.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission ordered the complaint be heard by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The federal government challenged the tribunal's jurisdiction in court and eventually had the complaint dismissed but this week the Federal court of appeal upheld the right for a hearing.

The Assembly of First Nations estimates there are at least 27,000 aboriginal children who have been removed from their immediate families. Reports show the percentage of status Indian children in child welfare care far surpassed that of non Aboriginal children and First Nations children in child welfare care are entering that care at increasing rates.

The government of Canada reportedly spent three million dollars in attempts to prevent this case from being heard and has denied responsibility for child welfare services to First Nations based on its role as funder and claims that child welfare services for First Nations should not be compared to those for non-First Nations.


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