Heart-warming footage of an Israeli falconry trainer teaching an eagle to fly again, after it needed surgery to save its wing

A young Eastern Imperial Eagle that almost lost her wing will soon return to the wild after being trained to fly again in an Israeli zoo.

The bird of prey, known also as Aquila Heliaca, was found wounded in the southern Israeli desert and brought to the animal hospital of Ramat Gan Safari Park.

She had a badly fractured wing, an injury caused apparently by shooting or electrocution.

After a complicated operation, during which a platinum nail was inserted into her wing, and intense physical therapy treatments, the bird recovered but still could not use her wings due to the long period of hospitalisation.

That is when the zoo decided to ask for the assistance of falconry expert Eyal Lifshitz, who started training the bird in the wide open spaces of the nearby Ariel Sharon park.

The progress was immediate, and now the bird will be ready to be released in two weeks time.


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    Very Glad That The Eagle Had A Full Recovery, Thanks To The Care You Had Given It!!

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