Xena the Warrior Puppy and boy with autism (Video)

Back in September of 2012, it seemed to be a very dark day for a young pup in Dekalb County, Georgia. But in reality it turned out to be a life-saving day for the nearly dead from starvation pup that was left all alone on the side of a street to die by a very uncaring person.

Her name is now Xena the Warrior pup and seven months later she is living up to that name. She is alive and well and now working miracles for those who are in her life. It is in fact is a miracle that Xena actually did survive herself as she was completely skeletal when found. But survive she did.

It was the rescue group, "Friends of DeKalb Animals" that had actually found her when she was so near to death. Somehow they were able to nurse her back to health. As she regained her health, her story enabled her to help other abused animals.

Xena's miraculous recovery had made her an international Facebook sensation, and she was raising tens of thousands of dollars for the care of other abused animals because of her celebrity. But another miracle was also about to take place in November of 2012. It was at that time that she was at a fundraiser for the rescue group that had saved her. 11 Alive News shot some video of Xena, running around, wagging her tail and nuzzling up to all the people around her.

It was at this time when Jonny Hickey and his Dad walked in. Xena headed straight for the little boy and his Dad and excitedly welcomed them. Jonny is a child with autism and was extremely withdrawn and rarely had communicated with others. But that day he and Xena were very enthralled with each other.

Jonny's parents made the decision to adopt Xena and it seems to be a match made in Heaven for the both of them. Jonny has become very talkative now about Xena and they are together all the time. Xena has helped Jonny to really come out of his autistic shell.

In fact Jonny wanted to make a YouTube video with his new best friend to tell the world about April being National Autism Awareness Month and also Animal Cruelty Prevention Month. Unprompted by his Mom who shot the video, Jonny with Xena by his side the whole time, spoke with determination on how important these two causes were. Jonny and Xena have both come a long way with each other.
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