Baby owls fall from nest near Watsonville, rescue team responds (Video)

Three baby owls fell from their nests in Santa Cruz County Monday afternoon and Wildlife Emergency Services personnel were on the recovery mission, an organization spokeswoman said.

The WEC received a report from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter at about 1 p.m. of the three baby great horned owls having fallen out of their nest in a tall eucalyptus tree in Freedom due to the high winds, WEC President and CEO Rebecca Dmytryk said.

Nests can break apart for various reasons including wind and parents not building them strong enough, Dmytryk said.

Dmytryk said they have modified a laundry basket to create a stronger nest for the owls.

They also planned to check to see if the babies were healthy enough to be put back and if not, the babies would be taken to the center for treatment until they are ready to return to the wild, Dmytryk said.

At least two of the owls sound to be in good shape, she said.

 It was the WEC's first call of the season for a nesting union.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    God Bless all involved in getting the owls back into the wild. I bet their mom and dad are worried sick about them.

  2. Morgana says:

    So lovely

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