The last white lion was seen in the wild in 1994

The greater Timbavati region in eastern South Africa is the only place on Earth where white lions have ever been found. It was the Europeans that first recorded them in the 1930's, but in actuality they have been associated with the region for centuries.

Also for many centuries, these beautiful white big cats such as the lions and tigers have been considered sacred. Throughout time it has been said that they embody the light of the gods because of their coloring.

Currently it is estimated that there are only 500 white lions in the world and all but a handful are in captivity. Because of their rarity, this has counted against them and they are now technically considered to be extinct in the wild. The rarity of white lions means that a single white male can sell for up to £80,000.

But this year in a safari park in Germany they are celebrating a bumper crop year of white lion and tiger youngsters that were recently born in the fight against extinction. The safari park is known as Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock Safari Park, which is Europe's largest breeder of white big cats.

4 young white lions there are enjoying the Spring weather outdoors along with the rest of their family including their father, Kimba. They are known as Tyler, Muck, Nandor and Masai, and they arrived at the Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock safari park, in July of last year.

Along with the baby white lions there are also 3 white tiger youngsters that were just born last December. The white tiger trio, are known as Arturo, Ketama and Flores. They are also thriving, despite having to have been taken away from their mother in order to survive. Instead they were hand-reared by the keepers at the safari.

Enjoy the pictures below of these adorable babies who as they play are totally oblivious as to just how important they are in the desperate race against extinction.

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  1. Morgana says:

    Magnificent creatures, how many left, to remind us of our gready and uncultures behaviour.Forgive us kind creatures and dont leave us alone.

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