Teachings of the Wolves- Powwow (Video)

Edmonds Community College’s Native American Student Association hosted the 28th annual powwow, “Teachings of the Wolves,” on May 3rd - 5th of this year.

The powwow brought together students, families, and communities to celebrate American Indian singing, drumming, dancing, and arts and crafts in the Seaview Gym.

Dance and drum ceremonies started on Friday and continued through Sunday. During the intermissions, between 5-7 p.m. on Saturday,people enjoyed Native storytelling. The event was free and open to the public. It was a contest powwow where all dancers and drums were welcome.

Powwows are social gatherings — open to all people — celebrating American Indian tribes’ traditions, styles of dance, songs, families, and friendships.

Dancers and drummers come to the college’s powwow from tribes throughout the Northwest and United States including locally, the Muckleshoot, Lummi, and Tulalip Tribes.

This year, musician and educator Arlie Neskahi, of the Dine' (Navajo) Nation of New Mexico, was the master of ceremonies. He is well-known for his performance, composition, and knowledge of traditional music. The college also welcomed arena director, Robert Charles; host drum, 206; and head woman dancer Tilda Walsey.

There was also a men’s traditional special, sponsored by JC Allen Tacket, the head man dancer.

Children at the Quileute school especially enjoyed meeting the ambassador wolf  (©Joe Whittle) Photo Credit: Source


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  1. Anonymous says:

    InI will always remember the first and only powwow so far in my life. Grade 1, we had an indian person in our class and his Dad brought to us the celebration of a powwow. The most unified, celebratory action of my life. InI come across the same indian man who is my age and I remind him of this action, he forgot. I ask him to do the same for the children of our school, since our kids go to the same school. Nothing doing. InI am going to have to get 'er done myself!

  2. Anonymous says:

    wish you could teach some of these white man about the wolves ,they are hunting and trapping them I have always loved the wolves , so smart and loyal they are better then most man kind ,

    from a white woman '

  3. Anonymous says:

    Keep your traditions alive....You have great wisdom and promise for a better day! Deb Reis, Wyoming!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Land of Native americans and still we do not learn. The white man and his laws! They should not have the right to decide over the lives of any animal in this continent!

  5. "Prayer for the Sanctity of Wolf". Check out the phrase on YouTube. Time is now to unite with Earth. All humans are native to Earth.

  6. Only through targeting educational & religious institutions can we through re education show the world that Wolves are a highly Intelligent species deserving our respect & protection !

  7. Aho. To all comments. Eh tap alot Nekans & Shekans!!!!!!

  8. Aho. To all comments. Eh tap alot Nekans & Shekans!!!!!!

  9. Aho. To all comments. Eh tap alot Nekans & Shekans!!!!!!

  10. Aho. To all comments. Eh tap alot Nekans & Shekans!!!!!!

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