For the most part, children love to care for their dogs. Whether it's taking them for walks, bathing them, or just giving them a good belly rub, kids love their pups.

And now one dog in Kenya is returning the favor. When 7-year-old David Mbogo and 6-year-old Mary Wanjiku were abandoned by their mother several years ago, their grandmother Susan Wanjiku took them in.

But with five other children in her care, Wanjiku could not attend to the two as much as she would have liked. So, their friend Oscar the dog stepped in to help out. Acting as sort of a foster parent, Oscar walks David and Mary to school.

Then he waits until their classes are over and walks the children home from school. On many occasions he has rescued them after they have gotten lost.

Oscar's story was first told on k24, a 24-hour news station in Kenya. Susan Wanjiku said of their impoverished living conditions, "Every time it rains, sewerage water flows through the house. I pray to God that we can get a better dwelling for the kids."

Luckily, since the family's story was reported, she's been sent a few helpful items and has received calls from well-wishers around the world. Good dog, Oscar.

VIDEO Dog Takes Care Of 2 Children

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Michael Vic take a look at this dog Oscar. This is what dogs do

  2. Anonymous says:

    We have a duty as people to stop corruption even if it means we sacrifice. So that there is less poverty.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had a dog just like this one took me to school and waited till school finished and walked me home. i lived in a small village in Australia.

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