In an ironic twist, dogs are abandoned as strays all around the world. Left to survive on their own by heartless people who would never be abandoned by dogs they betray, these animals struggle to survive against the odds of starvation, being hit by cars or shot at by other people.

Although the numbers of strays are overwhelming, there are still many good people who try to rescue and find homes for them against the terrible odds. A painstaking rescue of three abandoned chihuahuas that was recently video-taped reminds us of the good that can be done and the lives that can be saved when people take the time to care.

The touching video was shot in June and just released this week of animal rescuer Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws rescue. In the video he rescues chihuahuas Marty, Brooklyn and Penny from a KFC parking lot in central Los Angeles. Although initially frightened and skittish, the three chihuahuas slowly warm up to Hagar, eventually allowing the so-called "dog whisperer" to take them away to a new life.

Hagar explains how the rescue took place, "People had tried to catch them before, but no one could get them. They were so scared. The video doesn't show you how long the process took. It took a couple of hours to be able to get them to trust me. It was a very tricky process," he added. "It took a lot of patience ... but I have all the patience in the world for them."

The chihuahuas who are all between 2 and 3 years of age, were dumped together several weeks before the rescue. Not only were the animals "filthy" when Hagar found them, but all had been shot at with BB guns. Pellets from the guns were later found embedded in Marty's and Brooklyn's skin.

Once Hagar got the dogs safely in a cage, he brought the trio to a vet to get them cleaned and inspected. To his delight, he witnessed an immediate transformation in the dogs. He remembers it as incredibly inspiring. "After a bath and a good meal, they were just the happiest animals, like they won the lottery or something," he said.

Sadly the happiness was short-lived by little Penny who died four days later of a heart murmur. Hagar is consoled by the fact that at least she was off the streets and knew love and happiness in her final days. Hagar is now working to get Marty and Brooklyn into a loving "forever home" together. The pair are currently in foster homes, thanks to the work of Wags and Walks, another local rescue organization.

Hagar is ever hopeful that this video will inspire others to open their eyes and hearts to the suffering of stray animals around them. Spending a little energy to care can and does save lives, he said.

"Here in Los Angeles, at any given moment, there are 30,000 stray dogs. They're out there, they're hiding, they're mostly so scared. But if you pay attention, you'll see them," he said.

"Even if you can't help, call someone who can -- there are so many rescue organizations out there. Or at the very least, help share videos like this one to raise awareness, or donate what you can to help. This way, animals can be spared a miserable death or being shot at or being hit by a car. If people just do a little bit more and pay attention to the environment around them, this wouldn't happen as often."

Watch the video below and then share this story to help Marty and Brooklyn find their 'forever home.'

For more information on Hope for Paws rescue visit the group's website or Facebook page.

Responses to "Touching videotape of 3 abandoned dogs who were patiently rescued off the mean streets of central Los Angeles"

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Sad but beautiful.Thank you for saving these dear dogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    God bless you and God bless all the people who love and treat all the furry kids with kindness and the respect that they so deserve. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for saving these babies, so sad one of them died....God bless you all for helping them.. Made me cry watching, just thinking of all the fur babies out there still to be saved :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    just great! thank you, you wonderful people! :))

  5. Morgana says:

    Except for the rescue, this kind fella offering to the adorable dogs, I, as a foreigner, I adore the way he and all americans, pronounce the phrase "god boy" and "good girl" so denderly.

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