Trapped on a window ledge, a scared dog was saved by a firefighter in Brooklyn, New York.

The FDNY firefighter used a bucket truck to get up to the dog. At first, he gave the dog some treats before getting close enough to put a leash on the dog and safely pick him up.

The dog appears to have managed to climb over the protective window guard in his apartment and became trapped on the inches-wide ledge when he couldn't get back inside.

The dog seemed to lose his footing several times, much to the concern of onlookers.

After the firefighter gave the dog some food, he leaned in to pet the dog and the crowd can be heard "awwwing" from below.

When the firefighter finally picked up the dog and safely brought him down, the much-relieved crowd cheered and children can be heard crying "Yay!"

One of the onlookers, James Morgan, filmed the rescue on Thursday night.


Responses to "Firefighter rescues scared dog trapped on narrow window ledge (Video)"

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Tears of joy still running down my face.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm joyful for this rescue, but I'm wondering how that dog was be able to reach that window!

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