The owner of the basenji caught the dog on video rapidly ascending the stairs, but instead of heading up headfirst, the animal seems to walk in reverse, with hind paws leading the climb.

This scaredy-pup is terrified of climbing the stairs headfirst.

So she's taken to inching her way up in reverse — and adorable footage of her doing so has turned her into an online star.

Charles Redden uploaded a video clip of his basenji backing her way up to YouTube on Saturday.

"My basenji can't seem to handle wooden stairs very well for some reason she walks up backwards," he wrote in the description.

"What a strange dog," a man believed to be Redden is heard saying as the cute pooch places each back paw on the upper stair before following them with her front ones.

Under the watchful — or maybe mocking — eye of another black dog, she takes her time before finally reaching the summit of the landing. It's not yet known where the footage was filmed.


Responses to "There's more than one way to climb the stairs - dog climbs up backwards."

  1. casey says:

    Was he taught or he's scared to go face forward?

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