This curious fox got stuck into a slice of local history. Shocked volunteers at Seaford Museum discovered the four-legged visitor trapped inside the popular Martello Tower on Tuesday.

 Rather than taking a peek through the history books, the startled animal became trapped after jumping down into the moat and was unable to clamber up the high walls to escape.

Museum volunteer John Bond made the discovery. He said: “It may have jumped down into the moat and probably hid up until a door was opened where he then entered the museum.

“Knowing how difficult they can be to handle we called out the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) knowing they would be able to safely deal with the situation for us.”

The fox was cornered behind an old organ before the WRAS came to its aid.

Trevor Weeks, from WRAS, said: “I’ve never had to rescue a fox from such an unusual location before.”

VIDEO Fox Rescue

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