The Guinness Book of Records welcomes a new category for 2014 - "Longest fur on a cat". 

It is official that Colonel Meow has been awarded the Guinness World Record for cat with the longest fur. His fur averages 9 inches long. The new world records book will be out on shelves on Sept. 12.

Colonel, as he is affectionately referred to by his owners, has fur that surrounds his body like a windstorm. But he was hardly the product of careful breeding. In fact he was actually left on the side of the road, found and then taken to a kill shelter. From there he was rescued by the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue.

It was then at a Petco Adoption event that his owner,Anne Marie Avey, first laid eyes on him. She describes him as an adoption impulse after one look at the very hairy cat with the intense green eyes had her smitten.

Colonel is a Persian mix and Persians are known for their long hair, in fact it is "the breed with the longest coat" and is CFA’s (Cat Fanciers’ Assn.) most popular breed of cat. The first domestic cats were short-haired, but the long-haired variety has also been around for thousands of years and it has been proven that the gene actually originated in Iran, or Persia.

By giving Colonel the world record, Guinness Book of Records has thrown down the gauntlet. But his owners, Avey and Rosario are just happy to be temporary holders of the crown. They just want people to know Colonel Meow has not been Photo-Shopped. According to them, "People call us and say, 'You use product in his hair. Trust me, there’s no gel or mousse involved. There’s no rhyme or reason."


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