Humans snore, and they aren't all that cute and cuddly when they're doing it. That's a given, and nobody would ever dream of arguing against the truth of this statement.

What's interesting is that several other animal species snore every once in a while. Pet owners probably know that cats and dogs sometimes make some really funky noises when they're sleeping.

Oddly enough, so do baby elephants. And ducklings. And even hummingbirds.(Source)

Next time someone snoring gets on your nerves, just be thankful he or she is not a hummingbird: That is some high-pitched night noise right there.

Although, instead of counting sheep, maybe recalling the snores of a little duckling, and those of the other animals in this supercut, will lull you back to sleep. Perhaps not the baby elephant or the bloodhound — those snores are all too familiar.(Source)

Video: A compilation about funny and cute animals snoring. A hamster snoring, a cat snoring, a duckling snoring, a dog snoring, a hummingbird snoring, a baby elephant snoring and a snoring cute rabbit.

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  1. a major cute attack from which there is not coming back♥

  2. Unknown says:

    I love the bird the most but they are all so cute! How can anyone be mean to animals???

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