Child’s best friend: dog alerts family to girl’s seizures

Over in County Clare in Ireland there is a little 3 yr. old girl, named Brianna Lynch who's best friend is Charlie the Great Dane. But he is so much more than a pet to her, the primary role he plays is that of bodyguard for her.

Little Brianna suffers from epilepsy and experiences frequent seizures. According to her mother, Arabella Scanlan, "She is quite a complex child. She forgets to breathe and then goes into seizure. She has gone through eight different types of medicine and it now looks like she needs brain surgery."

Her family must watch out for Brianna 24 hours a day but they can't always act preemptively to keep her from injuring herself during her episodes. But that's where Charlie comes in, his keen senses allow him to detect Brianna's seizures 20 minutes before her symptoms manifest. Charlie will then hold her gently against a wall until someone can administer a sedative.

Brianna's mother goes onto to say, "Charlie is so sensitive to her needs - if the other dogs get boisterous, he will stand by her side to ensure she doesn’t get knocked over. We know, when he is acting strange, she is going to have a seizure."

Indeed, Brianna has a true friend and guardian angel in her Charlie.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    our furry pets are amazing

  2. Anonymous says:

    DOG Spelled backwards GOD.. And You say Angels don't Exist...

  3. Anonymous says:

    Charlie has taken on the role of her "guardian angel". God works in mysterious ways,does he not? Inspiring!

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