Hélène Grimaud: Concert Pianist, Wolf Whisperer

From Carnegie Hall to the backwoods, Hélène Grimaud is at home in both worlds. She has a successful career as a classical pianist and she oversees a wolf conservation center in Westchester County, NY.

In 1996, Hélène used a portion of her income to create the Wolf Conservation Center, which offers workshops, lectures, drawing classes, and even an overnight “Sleeping with Wolves” program. The grounds of the Wolf Conservation Center are incredibly peaceful and so well cared for that it is easy to see why Hélène has such a sense of calm about her.

That peacefulness quickly turns to passion when she talks about wolves and her music.

Hélène is drawn to classical music and wolves because they are both so misunderstood. “People tend to be afraid of things that they don’t understand,” she says. “Maybe they didn’t grow up listening to classical music, so they believe it’s not for them. And wolves have such a negative reputation. Wolves are not aggressive around people. In fact, they are shy.”

“It’s really a shame to miss out on an experience because it is foreign to us,” she continues. “This can apply to pretty much anything. For me, all you have to do is listen to classical music, to give it a try. It’s amazing how much it can touch your heart.”

“The same can be said of wolves. They are vilified, and we grow up fearing them. Once you understand them, they can be respected, not feared.”

Hélène Grimaud ~ Wolf Moonlight Sonata

Helene Grimaud - Living with Wolves (english doc.)

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  1. chantal says:

    Sublime femme et artiste !

  2. Janet says:

    An amazing woman and performer. I wish their had been more footage of her with the wolves, but it was still one of the most gripping videos I've ever had the pleasure to watch.. Thank you so much!!

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