A wildlife photographer has captured the transformation of a baby Silver-leaf langur as its fur changes from orange to grown up grey

Many humans worry about finding their first grey hairs, but for one type of baby monkey, a distinguished grey coat replaces its fiery fur before it has its first birthday.

One wildlife photographer has captured the transformation of an adorable baby silver-leaf langur as its fur changes from vivid orange to grown up grey in central Malaysia.

There are a number of theories as to why the creatures are born with such bright fur and they include keeping them safe from predators, stopping them getting separated from their mothers and even sending out a signal to the rest of the troop that they should start to think about childcare duties.

Professional photographer Thomas Marent, 47, got up close with the animals to capture a baby clinging to his mother in Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Malaysia.

The young animals' fur begins to change to grey starting with its head so that for a short period of time it looks quite strange with only its body a bright orange.

Adult monkeys have grey-tipped black fur that gives them a uniform silvery appearance as well as a distinctive crest of fur that runs along the top of their head and tufts of hair on their cheeks that obscure their ears.

The baby langurs are born with orange fur and turn to silver at approximately three months of age, although some can begin their transformation aged just one month, according to Beth McDonald, a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo.

Writing on the zoo's blog, she said there are three main theories as to why the animals are born bright orange.

It is thought that the baby langur's vivid fur makes it easy for their mother to find them, as the young monkeys love to explore.

According to the keeper, the babies are intrepid and can venture a little too far from their mothers, but their fur allows them to be found easily.

Another theory is that their orange colour helps the babies blend into their surroundings.

'It seems hard to believe that bright orange could be used as camouflage, unless maybe the orange would make them appear as a bright-colored flower on a tree. Most predators are colour blind and cannot tell the difference between orange and green,' she said.

Here, the young Silver-leaf langur has almost lost its orange fur - although it is still possible to see some patches on its back

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