October's full moon has a bonus in store for skywatchers this year.

A penumbral lunar eclipse -- so called because only the incomplete outer portion of the Earth's shadow, or penumbra, falls across the moon -- is expected to reach its deepest point at 7:50 p.m. ET on Friday, Oct. 18.

Unlike total eclipses, in which Earth's umbra -- the central region of its shadow -- darkens the moon entirely, a penumbral lunar eclipse involves only a slight dimming. Skywatchers should expect to see a much more subtle sight -- with a shadow on the lower half of the full moon -- like the eclipse pictured below.

Weather permitting, viewers in the eastern part of the North American continent should have a decent chance of seeing the end of the eclipse. But the best show will be visible in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

For skywatchers in these parts of the world, the celestial phenomenon will be observable during the overnight hours when the full moon should appear brighter in the night sky. As PlanetSave noted, the penumbral lunar eclipse is expected to take place between 9:51 p.m and 1:50 a.m. GMT.(Source)

October Full Moon Names from different cultures

Tugluvik (Inuit).
Kentenha (Mohawk).
Long Hair Moon (Hopi)
Ten Colds Moon (Kiowa).
Falling Leaves Moon (Arapaho).
Corn Ripe Moon (Taos Native American).
Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Leaf Fall Moon (San Juan Native American).
Blood Moon, Wine Moon (Mediaeval English).
Blood Moon Falling :Full, Leaf Moon :Dark (Janic).
Hunter's Moon, Travel Moon, Full Dying Grass Moon (Algonquin Native American/Colonia).

Other Moon names : Spirit Moon, Snow Moon, Shedding Moon, Winterfelleth (Winter Coming), Windermanoth (Vintage Month), Falling Leaf Moon, Moon of the Changing Season, White Frost moon

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse LIVE

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