The video below is a situation where a man comes upon a crow and mole in the middle of the road. At first he rationalizes that it is just the circle of life and although it is sad for the mole, it is his lot in life at the moment. But the more he watches it unfold, the more torn he becomes. In the end he decides to make a deal with the crow to spare the life of the little mole.

Moles are small cylindrical mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle. They have velvety fur; tiny or invisible ears and eyes; reduced hindlimbs; and short, powerful forelimbs with large paws oriented for digging. The term is especially and most properly used for the true moles, those of the Talpidae family in the order Soricomorpha found in most parts of North America, Asia, and Europe. Male moles are called "boars", females are called "sows". A group of moles is called a "labour". Moles however are solitary creatures, only coming together to mate.

Moles have been found to tolerate higher levels of carbon dioxide than other mammals, because their blood cells have a special and unique hemoglobin protein. Moles are able to reuse the oxygen inhaled when above ground, and as a result, are able to survive in low-oxygen environments such as underground burrows.

Moles have polydactyl forepaws; each has an extra thumb (also known as a prepollex) next to the regular thumb. While the mole's other digits have multiple joints, the prepollex has a single, sickle-shaped bone which develops later and differently from the other fingers during embryogenesis from a transformed sesamoid bone in the wrist, independently evolved but similar to the giant panda thumb. This supernumerary digit is species-specific, as it is not present in shrews, the mole's closest relatives.

A mole's diet primarily consists of earthworms and other small invertebrates found in the soil, and a variety of nuts. The mole runs are in reality 'worm traps', the mole sensing when a worm falls into the tunnel and quickly running along to kill and eat it. Because their saliva contains a toxin that can paralyze earthworms, moles are able to store their still-living prey for later consumption. -Wikipedia


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    I like the act of kindness we all need a break even a mole thank you.

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    So sweet..renews my hope in humanity

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    Thanks, mate. Sweet of ya. Kisses!

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    your my hero

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    That was so sweet of you to intervene and you saved the mole.

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    Wow that awesome !

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