A Navajo Medicine Man who believes that this a very important time in the history of humanity.

"This is a time for people of all colors to come together as one tribe, united by love for each other, and for our sacred Mother Earth. This interview takes place in his Hogan on the sacred land at 4 corners. Prayer is very important. It is everything.This Hogan that we are in is a sacred place of ceremony where prayers are conducted and is always open to others to carry out prayers.

Because of the fact that we pray and hold ceremony here, this event is an extension of the spiritual nature of what we share in this Hogan.

With this event about to happen called earth day 4 corners, we plan to perform a sacred ceremony here to bless the Earth.

Many people in the community are prepared to give their service for this sacred ceremony. I received concern from as far away as Oklahoma for this event. They wanted to know if the sacred ceremony can be properly conducted at this event.

I told them i welcome them to perform the sacred ceremony here as we need their blessing for mother earth at this event. We as the children of mother earth are pleading to be heard and to address the needs of the people. Our mother is a giving mother and she has sympathy for her children as she sees us struggling. All mothers want to help their children in need.

In this event that we are preparing for, we will bring people from all walks of life together.There will be Native Americans from all tribes with people of all colors from the modern American culture as well. They all have some degree of compassion for what we are going through at this time.

There are many people who have compassion for helping those less fortunate than themselves. I personally feel obligated to make a decision with my land, to go forward and pursue the idea of attracting the people of like spirit at this time.

I have faith that they are people who will listen to the challenges we are up against and are willing to help us overcome the obstacles that we have dealt with for so long.Now is the time. You are the one that can help to bless the earth in harmony with all that is. Do something good right now."
Navajo Elder

Responses to " Native American Elder Speaks And Calls All Tribes And People Together As One (Video)"

  1. Redhand says:

    Good attitude. It will take more than indigenous people to turn things around. We need to be open to that and work with all who are sincere. We are all in this together. We are ALL ONE. We need to remember the prophecies and our own obligations to save and care for Mother Earth. All are welcome to help. We may guide, but may not dictate. Let us guide to the best our abilities and hope that others on Earth are open and willing to help.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish to learn more of this, but ran into a problem. The url listed was a .org, but all that comes up are .coms. I want to make sure i am getting the correct site and information so I can be of assistance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for inviting everyone. When an were will this all take place? I want to be a part of helping our mother earth.

  4. Ralf Kastenholz says:

    I totally agree with the Navajo elder. A lot is going wrong in these times and it is about time to change things. But this can only happen if we all - and that means all people regardless the colour of the skin and what their religion and belief is - work together. I want to stress that this will work only if we meet on the same level meaning that there is a high respect for each other and nobody thinking he or she is better than another person. And this applies to everybody wanting to support the elder's idea but also in general in every day life. I need to say this because all my attempts to get in touch with Native Americans remained fruitless which - I really hope - is no sign of disrespect against my person.

    I wish much success with the idea of the ceremony and I am willing to my best to support it.

  5. Nizhoni. I interviewed this Navajo Elder Harold Begay in his Hogan in 2011 in a place called Naataanii just before our first event there. The website is and there are other videos, pictures, articles etc from our time working with Navajo and Hopi. We have another event there this year on April 19-20 and we will be working closely with Navajo and Hopi families. Please feel free to join us if Spirit moves you! Contact me on fb or on the website.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why do you want all tribes to come together? Since we have never been together for a long time according to federal recognized European groups. What are you doing to help tribes come together? This video is never enough. Changes in federal regulations are necessary. Make that a priority and then we shall see.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Blessings and much love from Australia, been waiting for this day my whole life, the time when all races come together as one tribe! would love to come over for this great spiritual event but not possible at this time. But our thoughts, hearts and prayers will be there. xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Anonymous says:

    isn't all the land sacred? why did they say the four corners (states) are the sacred land?

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do we learn of the time and place to gather? I am a Gregorian Brother and a Cherokee and wish to come there to pray with all the people. Please include me and keep me informed.
    Br. Ron Fender, Brotherhood of Saint Gregory
    House of the Magdalene
    514 Spears Avenue
    Chattanooga, Tennessee 37504
    Phone: 828-808-1484
    Facebook: Br. Ron Fender

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Four Corners is an essential part of Navajo ancient cultural tradition with particular spiritual meaning to the people. Their reverence and love and respect for this area does NOT make other land not sacred.

  11. I have taken it as my personal task to re-acquaint my heart with the spirit of the land. I've spent a couple of years letting this place reveal to me its own spirit, and observed as the life-giving energy grows and balance is attracted to my little piece of Earth. This we can all do. Everyone taking full responsibility for the small things is the power that creates the large things.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Unity Will Prevail Brothers And Sisters! Time has come.

  13. A very wise Elder. Only peoples of compassion and peace coming together as one can possibly counteract the horrible violence in the world today.

  14. Unknown says:

    All is one and we are part. So we have responsabilities. We are not here to use, but to care. I am in Latinamerica, but this does not matter. Can not be part of the ceremony, but be part of the whole. Big hugh from Argentine, Anna

  15. We, Humanity, are in a very Sacred Time, long ago prophesied by many different Indigenous Nations. Many, many cultures, groups and individuals are feeling and heeding the Divine call into Being our ONENESS. I am seeing a huge circle, expanding exponentially, almost by the minute, which is all inclusive. Our Indigenous Relatives have been empowered by the Creator of US ALL to lead the way. OR as Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. (Ihantkowan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations) would say, "We are all indigenous". So, that means, to me, that each of us must take responsibility, in whatever way we've been given by our Creator, with every tool in our toolkit. for the upliftment and betterment of US ALL. With Many Blessings of Gratitude to US ALL as we each strive to live our lives on behalf of the Greatest Good for All Concerned. Joie RoundStar

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